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Discussion in 'Video' started by bryan_simpson, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Hello,

    I need to send a cd-rom of AVI videos to Europe. The question I have is, should I
    adjust these videos to Pal standards, even though they will be played on a computer
    monitor? I do not know whether the whole NTSC vs PAL affects computer monitors
    also, or just televisions. Thanx.

  2. The great thing about a computer is that no matter what the frame rate (or colour depth or resolution or format) of a video file, it will be played at that specification.

    So if I send you a 480-line video file where the frame rate is 10fps and you play it on your computer, it will play. Same for a 180-line file encoded at 30fps. Black & white or colour; DivX or Quicktime; DVI or MPEG; 160x120 or 720x576. Well, not on a Commodore 64, of course...

    In any case, monitors are usually refreshing at 70Hz+. The CPU and graphics logic will time the video perfectly; and will update the window at the next available screen refresh. It won't always be *exact* but you won't be able to tell.

    Monitors are peripherals to computers, just like printers and scanners and speakers. Think of it like that and you'll see it more clearly than my half-baked explanation. ;-)

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