P67 Shutter Accuracy

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by trooper, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. From time to time, I recheck the shutter accuracy on my cameras.
    I've been surprised at the consistent, proper behavior on most of
    them. I recently tested my P67 bodies and continue to be pleased at
    the accurate performance. I enter the digital measurement directly
    into a simple spreadsheet on a 3 run sequence, slowest to fastest,
    fastest to slowest and a return through slowest to fastest. The
    spreadsheet then calculates the f stop deviation of the average for
    each shutter speed and also measures the level of deviation (hi/lo)
    percentage within each shutter speed. I've got both measurements
    overlaid on one graph for my own quick snapshot that would likely be
    better separated for sharing, but I thought that other P67 owners
    would be curious about my results.

    This chart is from my oldest, most used body and my second body was
    very similar. The left Y axis is the f stop deviation of the average
    at that shutter speed and the right Y axis is the percent of
    erratic/deviation behavior of the 3 shot test at each shutter speed.


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