P67---Action Rig??!

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by trooper, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. I've recently been experimenting with some tanning developers and to
    finish a roll of 220 HP5+ in one of my P67 bodies, I mounted a 200 and
    set off with the rig mounted on a monopod. The shots were of my son's
    high school soccer team playing a match. I was surprised at how
    decently the Pentax handled the project. I don't recall seeing much
    written on applying the P67's to this sort of duty. I loaded up some
    more for a game a few days later and had a decent amount of things to
    develop. The pictures printed beautifully and I was able to control
    the harsh highlights with the compensating effects of the Exactol Lux
    developer I was experimenting with, too.

    The whole exercise was sort of a lark and a nice surprise to have turn
    out so well. Being able to print 8X10 and 11X14 action shots that
    show the threads in the players' uniforms was extremely gratifying!
    Perhaps I've got a skewed perception of the P67 doing mainly MLU
    tripod mounted duty, but it was quite capable for this fast moving
    action and I'll continue to use it this way.
  2. I've taken similar shots with excellent results. The only real difficulty I found was getting and keeping the subject in focus otherwise no drama.


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