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  1. POW= Photo Of the Week (I assume?) SO wait a minute- there's still this whole *other* side to P dot net, that whole region beyond (or before?) The Forums, yes? Like still, there's a photo of the week, and more over there?

    The title time I've spent "over there", it seems that whatever contenting activity goes on haas little or nothing to do with whatever goes on "over here" (in The Forums). IS it really two whole, separate (parallel?) universes and ne'er the twain shall meet? I mean, I like The Forum, but maybe the REAL action is "over there".
  2. Trending, POTD, POTW, Editors Pick...who are those photographers?
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  3. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    samstevens, displays practical application based upon sound epistemological premise and as such would make a good Proof Reader and/or Editor.

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  4. As long A I've been around here from the Philip Greenspun days, people referred to P.net staff as "elves". I'm sure consciousness had been highly altered at the time!
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  5. I understand perfectly!
  6. Hmmmm, William - a technical philosophical term? Best be careful lest you be accused of practicing philosophy. :)
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  7. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    I was simply practising philosophy.

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  8. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Hmm... you Kant do that...
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  9. I think we Americans may currently owe it to the rest of the world to give up our unique spellings. Considering our current lameness, even I am willing to spell practice with an s. Let me try it and see how much it hurts. Practise. There. Not so bad, though I did have to override my American spell checker!

    Anyway, they say practise (ouch) makes perfect, though I doubt practising philosophy will yield perfection. [Plato, of course, would not agree. Wittgenstein would.]

    Here’s a quote that seems to want to add at least a degree of Philosophy to practise in order to form a ... um ... more perfect union.

    So, here’s to the practise of Philosophy, accomplished with rudder and compass, providing a sense of direction even while keeping one adrift.

    Happy sails!
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  10. Obviously you have moved away from the Queens English and made some sort of slang language.

    Colour, is now color, among many examples of simplified English . Hmm, lets bacterise, and create a simplistic version.

  11. Often, I think, if folk laughed and smiled more we would all be in a better place.
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  12. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    RE: Post #30

    Thanks sam - I agree with Allen

    Witty, very witty comments. There should be more wit. As Reader's Digest had it - Laughter is the Best Medicine.

    Well it might not be 'the best' but is sure does no harm and often helps.

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  13. So you are the 3rd person, as far as I know, on PN who does so. San Stevens and I are the others.
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  14. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    No, not really -
    I am the 1st person.
    You (thee) are (is) the 2nd person.
    He is the 3rd person.
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  15. And, thus, you’ve introduced an interesting topic in the Philosophy of Language, one of my favorites because it’s about the ever-changing reference of certain words like I, You, Here, Now, and Today. It is said that such words offer two types of meaning. The content of these words changes depending on who says them and when and where, while the character of these words remains the same. When you and I utter him, we may well be referring to two different people but doing so with a word that has an otherwise consistent meaning in the sense of the character of the word. If I say today today, I refer to a different day than if I say it tomorrow, yet today also retains its meaning.


    It’s not that much of a stretch to relate this to photography, where it often is an advantage to understand the differences and relationship between the content of a photo and the character of a photo and how we can sometimes change one of those without changing the other.

    Next up in the list of my favorite type of words are those that, when uttered, are an act that changes reality rather than merely describing it, such as a promise. The uttering of a promise is the act of promising. Whether you fulfill the promise is another matter, but it takes no more than saying it and meaning it to make it.


    A gold star to someone who can think of a photographic link to performatives. (Say cheese? Close, but not quite!)
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  16. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    The Latent Images' promise to us, that it will reveal, in the developer.

  17. A picture perfect example. Eggscellent.

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