Ozeck lenses ?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by yann|1, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. Probably 3rd party lenses, any information about those, especially the Super
    Ozeck II MC 28-100 mm f3.5\5.5 will be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Now that's a brand name that is off off brand! Everyone's heard of Sigma, Tamron, Vivitar , Tokina, and maybe even Kiron, but Ozeck?
    I've always been interested in the lesser known brands like Sakar, Cambron, Spiratone, etc. Ozeck is definitely not even in that tier. I don't know much about it , but here is what I do have. It is probably made in Japan. It is either a brand name for a lesser known Japanese optical company (Like Makinon or Kobori) or the marketing name of a company that carried the lens (like a camera retail shop chain) with the lens made by anonymously bt one of many passable but unspectacular Japanese 35mm third party lens companies. I've seen a profile of the lens lineup for Ozeck and looking at the focal lengths and speeds available, it looks like your lens is from the late 70s to early 80s: the hey day of independent third party 35mm lenses (before autofocus killed a bunch of them, and more recently, digital killing even more). Your focal length is fairly high ratio (about four to one), but the variable aperture offsets it. It probably ranges from acceptable to mediocre with some good spots in the optimum apertures. No way to really tell without you burning some film through it. I'd watch the biggest, smallest apertures for quality and the widest angle for distortion. I'd also keep my eye on the telephoto end for less image quality then the middle focal lengths, especially the first two largest apertures and the smallest. Hope this helped. Good luck.
  3. Thanks Rob.
    So, the origins of this brand, remains a little... mysterious... (?)
  4. Hi,

    Super Ozeck II...Yann...I very much doubt there is very much that is 'super' about it..sorry, I do remember handling some in the early 80's when I was a photo student and was VERY underwhelmed..

    cheers Steve.
  5. ... Thanks Steven, I think I won't buy it.
  6. Super Ozeck lenses were a brand imported into the UK by a company called Ash and Newman and were sold exclusively by Comet in the early Eighties-back in the day when they also sold all the best 35mm SLR brands.
    My sister's then Fiancee owned a Canon AE-1 Program at the time and had a Super Ozeck 28mm F2.8-which he swore by.
    IMHO, they were perfectly OK lenses with reasonable performance at a budget price.
    Needless to say they weren't as good as the camera manufacturer's own equivalent.
    But if you pick one up for a song, take some shots and you're happy then so what?

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