Oxygen Backpack For Carrying Large Telephoto Lens?

Discussion in 'Nature' started by neil_walden, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. I've never found a practical and comfortable way to carry big glass while walking. Like many people I tend to sling the tripod mounted camera and lens over my shoulder and walk with it, although carrying my rig this way is certainly not comfortable. I bought a Lowepro telephoto lens backpack and harness, but found it far too bulky for use in the field.
    I'm still looking, and have come across cylindrical backpacks used for medical purposes for those folks who must have oxygen tanks in close proximity. There are shoulder straps and padding between the backpack and the user's back. They don't have the thick padding of the Lowepro on all sides, but they don't have the Lowepro's bulk either. Has anyone used this kind of medical backpack for photographic purposes and, if so, how did it work out? For reference purposes, the optimum bag size for me would be a cylinder about 18 inches long and 7 inches in diameter.
  2. Hi Neil, I used to use a Domke telephoto bag which gave some rugged cordura without all the extra padding and bells/whistles. Slung it over my shoulder, sliding an 8inch accessory pad (LowePro?) on wide strap where it passed over my shoulder. Often the camera backpacks allow you to remove the padding inside. You can replace it with a lighter weigh padding (maybe just cut from a foam sleeping pad for backpacking, or by wrapping the lenses). Yet you will retain the great harness of bags like the LowePro Trekkers. If you can post - or send offline - link to the "oxygen tank harness", I would like to see that. All the best, Bruce
  3. I thought maybe you needed the oxygen because you were carrying such large telephotos!
  4. that's what assistants are for.. they carry the heavy stuff.. can we say porters and sherpas?
  5. Look at the Kinesis long lens bags. They're basically tall cylinders that are meant for this.
  6. Your idea might be a good one given the dearth of good bags out there. I finally gave up on the bespoke "lens" bags and had a friend custom make one for me using some waterproof fabric and an old aluminum pack frame. It is light, holds the lens with a body, TC, and hood, and allows easy access in the field.
  7. Hi Neil,
    I use a Kenessis telephoto bag for my 500, f:4. with the sling attached at the top on one side and at the bottom on the other. I sling the bag diagonally. My tripod is on a sling going the opposite direction over the lens bag. It seems like they would get in the way of each other but for me (6'1" tall) they don't. This lets me unsling the tripod first then the lens, all without needing to remove the lens case from my back. This is much faster than my previous practice of using a backpack.
  8. Photo Backpacker just made a 24" box for my Sigma 300-800 with body attached and two smaller lens boxes that fit in a Redwing P2 with room to spare. The P2 semi-custom suspension is amazing and all for under $300. Give them a call and discuss your needs.

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