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  1. Hi,

    If you own a Canon 800D, please could you tell me the EXACT size of the screen in millimetres? (The area that would normally be covered by a screen protector). I am designing a new product and need these dimensions.

    Thank you.
  2. The Canon 800D is the same as the USA version

    Canon EOS Rebel T7i

    (also the EOS Kiss X9i in Japan)

    see EOS Rebel T7i - Canon Camera Museum

    it was released in February 2017. I suppose you want the dimensions of the rear LCD screen?

    from the Canon site, but exact is such an imprecise word:

    [LCD Monitor]
    Type TFT color, liquid-crystal monitor
    Monitor size and dots Wide 7.7 cm (3.0 in) (3:2) with approx. 1.04 million dots
    Brightness adjustment Manual (7 levels)
    Electronic level Provided
    Touch screen technology Capacitive sensing

    You can find a new one or a used 800D on eBay.
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  3. Thanks but I need the length and width of the screen in millimetres.
  4. Is the conversion from cm to mm not possible?

    To put it less subtly, how precise/exact a measurement do you need?
  5. If I was designing that product, I sure wouldn't rely on the dimensions some guy on a camera forum quoted!
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