Oversaturation Accident

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  1. Great satire! Thanks, C...
  2. A County HazSat team was quickly deployed and brought the saturation situation under control​
    Too funny! Thanks!
  3. Credit where credit is due: Funny!
  4. I had a similar incident occur with sharpening. I was adjusting a portrait of one of my teen aged relatives while she was watching. My hand slipped on the sharpen slider and her zits became so prominent that she had a nervous breakdown. She now wants to sue me and Adobe for mental cruelty. You can't imagined what this has done to relations in my family.
  5. I wonder if this person was looking at that oversaturated landscape shot when this happened?

    Sometimes, it's hard to tell the difference between satire and reality... ;-)
  6. Gee I wonder if she was still texting on Facebook while floating out there?
  7. Probably, until the salt water killed the device...
  8. It is clearly an internationally infectious agent causing the problem. It came into this country via imports of the British photography magazines and is transferred to the reader by handling the cover of the magazines.
  9. Very sad. I hear there is treatment, for the worst affected cases at least - a Prefrontal Lomotomy.

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