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  1. I just thought it would be worth sharing this with you all. i have jsut received a "deal" for business cards from this company that essentially give me 500 new cards, UV coated and rounded corners for $40.00 shipped.
    Great deal I thought.
    Discount code if you want some is: NEWRC
    Best, D
  2. I use them, and have been very happy with their product. Nice thick paper, and a very nice coating on them if you go for the UV. They do occasionally hit a snag which delays things... but all in all, dealing with them has been a positive experience for sure.
  3. I'd like to put in a plug for Overnightprints- I use them for my business cards and postcards, and the quality is excellent!
  4. same here. Overnightprints.com has been awesone to deal with. The quality of their products is outstanding. They are the only company I use.
  5. I love them! I get all my cards, postcards, brochures, and more from overnightprints. They used to have some issues with customer service, but I think they've gotten that all under control. The products really are pretty impressive for the low prices.
  6. I have used them as well, in fact, I've often though about seeing if they wanted to partner with PN in some fashion. Their quality is really quite good for the cost.
  7. Sooo, nothing new to you all then... :)
    Thought I hit a mini jackpot or secret handshake kinda deal or something. haha.
    Glad you're all having similar experiences though.
  8. Are they better than vistaprint.com? I'm shopping around for a new printer.
  9. I don't know about the other products as I use a local shop for most other things. But yes for cards. Their stock is heavy and very smooth, esp. when coupled with their UV coating.
  10. I've used Overnight Prints for years and have been really happy with product and price. They're always putting discounts out too. Last time I ordered I used two codes and got something like $50 off (and it wasn't a huge order). I've gotten orders that were messed up before (black smudges, white spots) but they have a 100% guarantee so they will reprint for you at no cost. Check out retailmenot.com for coupon codes.
  11. If you've never tried grprint.com, it's worth the time. Their products are wonderful and I can usually get 500 cards with silk lamination and spot UV for $40 w/shipping. Their prices on everything else are great also.
  12. I thought it might be good to mention that Overnightprints.com previously had an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. Most recently it looks like they have taken their rating up to a B- which is good to see. Here is a link to check their current rating: BBB Rating on Overnightprints.com
    No matter what company you use, be sure to check their ratings. Personally I decided to never use Overnightprints.com because of their previous rating but I don't have any personal experience with them to say that they aren't worth checking out now.
    Cheers, JT
  13. I used this company for just over 2 years. Today was the final straw. As you have certainly heard, overnight print is more like over a week or more unless you want to pay over $33+ to get "PRIORITY GROUND SHIPPING" (YES UPS GROUND) -- basically this means they will print your order with in a few days and then ship out UPS GROUND! ..
    Overnightprints.com started out very up front, fast service, caring about the customer and their relationship with them. Now its all about TURN & BURN! Giving with one hand and sqeezing the nutz with the other. A "$29.99" card run will soon become $60+ if you need the faster then .. WHENEVER .. we get around to it or once we are done printing those orders whom paid for our "PRIORITY SERVICE" ... basically if they were conducting business "underhanded shipping practice" on eBay and charged this type of "backdoor" shipping fee, they would get the boot.
    On a positive note, the quality of the stock is good, "when they don't screw up the order", UV very good and 15pt feels nice and thick. But customer service, backend fees, poor customer service, terrible "general turnaround times" if not priority print option paid for.
    For me .. I'll be looking else were. Wow! for $60 buck for 250 cards, I can get them locally and not have to worry about any problems.
    Buyer Beware --- Overnightprints.com has become a company that leaves a bad taste in your mouth and a whole in your wallet

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