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  1. Hi everyone I need some advice on how to deal with an overbearing bride who hired me as her photographer but ended up cancelling her wedding. She had never paid in full but my contract has the retainer as non refundable. I felt bad because she had flown to my location for her destination wedding when it was called off so i offered to take indivudual photos of her.She really liked photoshoped images so I spent some extra time photoshopping and sent her all the images on a disk. Should have been the end of the story however now she is demanding ton of prints at no cost to her and want really ugly photoshop work done that even I (the photoshop queen) does not think is tastefull in anyway. And on top of that she calls me at all hours of the night ask for personal favors(that would require hours of my time) and to which I refused but enough is enough allready! I dont know what to do I have no contract or obligation to give her ANYTHING at all and I thought I was being nice but it sure came back to kick me in the butt. Help how can I get rid of her!?
  2. Just quote her a price for the work she is asking for to cover your time and a little extra to cover her hassle factor. Explain that your previous contract with her has been fulfilled and additional work will require additional payment.
  3. Does she also call you her b!tch.

    Hey, I also have a bunch of work to get done. Can you process a few pictures for me? What's your number?

    Yes. Grow a backbone and ask for more money. This is a business relationship, not a friendship.

    (Sorry, but I had to be a little rude.)
  4. Kelly - it sounds like this is a case where you give an inch, and they take a mile.

    How to get rid of her?

    "Thanks for the call, NAME. At this point, I have provided more than what we agreed. Please know that I'm very sorry about the circumstances of the cancellation, but I can't help you any further. Best wishes."

    Let her get the last goodbye in there, and hang up the phone.

    You don't need to worry about bad word of mouth - you are at a destination. It won't hurt you.
  5. Ya im am planing on talking to her tonight in response to a nasty email she sent me today (wanting to know if it ALWAYS takes a whole month to process and print and if I also took that long for weddings) but my main worry was her saying bad things about me however she is in a region I dont travel to so i guess it wont hurt me
  6. Guess you are seeing why the groom backed out. I think people can panic over the "talking bad" about you mentality. Those types of people are figured out by others, stay true to yourself and how you treat people fairly and you will come out on top.
  7. Conrad Erb +1.
  8. Just remember that people who bad-mouth others are usually reveiling more about their own personality and morals than they realize.
  9. Quote her a price for the New Work as you would any client. Be calm and professional but you must step into a new frame of mind before she will step into a new frame of mind: you must lead calmly.

    You Know the old job order is over but she, the customer, is not yet realizing that the old job is over. Ended. Kaput. Nada. Keep reminding her the old job is over.

    Get into the frame of mind that what she is requesting is "a new job" so that she gets into that frame of mind and just be polite.

    "My fee for doing "__________________" is "$_____" and I can get it to you by "date______" but I have XX job orders to fill before I get to your new order; is that ok?. Is there anything else I can do for you today?."

    Just keep repeating it until she understands that all requests are requests for "a new order". Don't argue, just keep repeating your policy so she finally gets it.
  10. There is another option besides quoting.

    In my opinion, you owe her nothing, and this will only get worse. Unless you plan on making a lot of money from this person (which seems highly unlikely) I would cut her loose now by giving her all the digitals with a written release. Then I would ask her never to call you again.

    If she has the digitals, she can get anything done she wants, and she won't be bothering you.


  11. I once had a customer that was more trouble than he was worth. I got rid of him by saying, "Gosh, that kind of photography (portrait) is not really my expertise. Tell you what, I'll recommend someone who is much better at that than I am." I did. Worked for me.

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