Outstanding NEW interview with Pentax mgmt at PMA

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by davidlong, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. The link is wrapped; you have to cut and paste to get it to work.
  2. 2 new bodies this year, 10 new lenses, product cycle shortened to one year and
    many more...


    As a side notes, is sad to see how dpreview started to play a dirty game...
  3. It would seem your link is dead!
  4. There is an unwanted space between -pma and -pentax-

    Probably due to composing in the photo.net texbox.

    The short form would be to go to:


    and look for "Translation from PMA Pentax Interview"
  5. Or you could try this direct link:

  6. Renato, thank you for providing link to such interesting information.

    Btw, what do you mean by ".... dpreview started to play a dirty game..." ? Asking just out of

    I do not visit dpreview. Stopped long time ago after became clear that Askey is a PR
    mouthpiece for the trade industry (he removed a whole thread related to leaked D50 specs
    after order from Nikon UK; same for a link to photos from M8). Even worse, the web site
    employ some sort of tracking software monitoring users message in true Orwelian fashion.
    Messages do not simply get removed. Whole threads disappear even from the original
    poster history as he never started it. I personally never was banned so there is no
    resentfulness in my words. Just don't like to support such a web site with my participation.
  7. I didn't know that anybody could stand the horrible forum at dpreview.

    But his camera reviews are the only useful ones on the whole internet.
  8. Interesting interview. Now to see what happens in the next 7 months....
  9. I don't bother with his conclusions. But dpreview is the only web site that offers useful, full-
    resolution standardized test photos so I don't HAVE to rely upon his conclusions. I can
    compare the images for myself.
  10. Ivaylo, you responded better than I can... yes, about the ban policy is what I meant. Pentaxforums, Sigmausers.eu and who knows how many other were banned in similar manner.

    Andrew, there are others too. My k100d aquisition decision was based on reviews from imaging-resource, dcresource and others months before dpreview issued its (just) "precious" reviews about digital k series.
  11. I can't see what the fuss is. I have checked out the Pentax DSLRs here in Tokyo, and they all suffer from the same helacious sounding shutters, a really wretched screeching sound. Until they figure that one out, it's hard to listen to these guys giving each other you know whats.
  12. Andrew Robertson, Mar 12, 2007; 09:36 p.m.
    "But his camera reviews are the only useful ones on the whole internet."

    Well... I am not sure. There (on DPreview) "Objective review" is euphemism for "Not
    Objectionable by The Trade and The Manufacturer". He rely on sales from the affiliated
    retailers and from advertising. That's tell all. I am yet to see a camera that is NOT

    New and better models aside, the best thing I can wish to the Pentax community is an
    authoritative non commercial figure to review current Pentax equipment from time to time
    (an apology if I am not aware if such exist). Think about a personality like Bjorn Rorslett (a
    Nikon user), Andrzej Wrotniak (an Oly user) and Erwin Puts (mainly Leica/Canon). Writing
    like their is not to everyone's taste but one thing is for certain: none of them is corrupt.
  13. "He rely on sales from the affiliated retailers and from advertising. That's tell all. I am yet
    to see a camera that is NOT recommended."

    I think you are missing the point here. You can look at the photographs he has made and
    make your own conclusions. Say what you will about his funding, he takes a set of
    standardized images with each camera and then puts those images on his web site. I
    frankly don't read his reviews. I skip directly to the image tests. You can see that, even
    though he recommends most everything, that the image quality of say, an Olympus 4/3rds
    DSLR is not up to the level of quality you get from an EOS 5D. You don't need to bother
    with relying upon his conclusions.

    The other guys do not post standardized images, so you HAVE to rely upon their
    conclusions. That's why dpreview is the only useful camera comparison site on the
    internet - I don't trust anybody running a review site that they get any money for.
  14. I was reading the post and felt I have to chime in. :) I don't place to much stock in any review on most sites. The only information I tend to take from them is the product really bad. The bottom line is all of these camera bodies are good products Nikon, Pentax, and Canon that is. Nikon and Pentax use the same Sony Sensor and Canon the CMOS sensor. They all offer good glass and if you shoot RAW as I do the results can be stunning (if I don't screw it up). The fact is I have placed a few phoos on this site for review and the best ratings I have are from a photo I took with my Pentax MV and a Tokins AT-X 50-250mm zoom. I scanned the film print on a $100.00 dollar HP scanner and changed it to b&w and posted it. I think we get to involved sometimes in equipment and start to forget that they are only tools the real art is us the people taking the shots. Just my two cents, take care and keep having fun with this great hobby.

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