Outdoor group shot - is two SB-800's enough?

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by laughing buddha productions, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Just a quick question.

    I have a shoot in a couple weeks - an outdoor shoot with a small group in front
    of a panel truck. Say about 15' across. It will take place in late afternoon
    so we'll have some soft daylight.

    I was thinking of lugging two 800 w/s monolights and umbrellas - but power might
    be an issue (no AC nearby and I don't have batteries).

    So I was wondering if 2 SB-800's on stands would be sufficient to give some fill
    and even out shadows.

    Thanks for your input.

  2. Since you can position a panel truck in any direction relative to the sun, I'd either put the truck in the shade and use a large reflector for fill or position the truck for side lighting from the sun and use a large silk.

    A couple of small flashes would be my last choice.
  3. Two SB-800s should be adequate for daylight fill. This image was shot with Fuji NPZ at E.I. 400 in a mamiya 7II with a 65mm lens, probably f/8.0, with one SB-80DX (same power as the SB-800) in the hot shoe for fill in late afternoon, bright overcast conditions.
  4. The only problem with 2 small flashes would be reflections in the truck body and subject shadows if the fill is somewhat strong. Also, in the classic 2 flash group shot positioning, cross shadows are created. I'd bring them, but I'd try to avoid using them and work with that soft daylight available. Maybe only one on-camera, really weak fill for eye sockets, if necessary. Also be creative about using the sides of buildings as a large reflector.

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