Out with a Box Tengor

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  1. I used my Zeiss BT about 30 years ago, and put it on the shelf. I am now putting a roll of Delta 100 through it. Should there be a problem when I get the film developed, I wonder if anyone on earth repairs these things? It's a 54-2 model. I vaguely recall a problem with frame spacing.
  2. Surely this just has a simple red window film advance? In which case the frame spacing is achieved by the user centering the frame numbers in the window. There can't be much to go wrong on these, if the shutter works you should be good to go.
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  4. Thanks. You are correct. The BT is about as pure camera as you can get. I remember that the first roll I exposed came out amazingly well, with good contrast and sharpness. It was the second roll I recall as off somehow.Must have been my fault.
  5. I was gifted one quite recently, and with the old hand me down i already had now have two. Two more than i would use today.
    In an already distant past, i took the old family Box Tengor apart. Extremely simple devices, that can be repaired indefinitely, with easy to refabricate parts.
  6. The trouble with spacing is affected by the little red window, which makes it hard to see the cues on the film. But one time when I wound on, the double exposure prevention locked the shutter. To unfreeze, I had to wind again. I'll get the shots from the lab in a couple of days and know more then.
  7. The problem, I believe, is my eyesight. No matter how much light hits the red window, my eyes cannot resolve the skinny and dim frame numbers. My next piece of equipment needs to be a loupe. I have put through a roll with the back open, and see no problem with the advance or shutter.

    I will get my test roll from the lab today.
  8. I find it hard to see the numbers in red windows, especially number 1. Some films are better than others in this respect, having more contrasty printing on the backing paper.

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