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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by kirktuck, May 1, 2002.

  1. I was the last to post before the server crashed like a wave on a beach. Life's a beach. In the interim we finished (for the most part) the debuggin or my new flash website. Dave Casman sent me some interesting feedback, as did George L. I would appreciate comments from forum members who are on high speed connections. All of the non-square photos are Leica.


  2. Did not get any flash movie (?) and some links seem to be broken. Am
    I going to the right site? (http://www.kirktuck.com/new takes me to a
    weird page that says parent directory and which links back to the old
    site). Apart from that, some really good pictures !
  3. We've taken down the original beta site and now we're just doing http://www.kirktuck.com
    Try again and let me know.


    Best, Kirk
  4. Well, Kirk, the site is "way cool" as my kids would say. On my
    wireless card-cable modem set up it loaded quickly. I love the way
    the photos appear instantly when you roll the mouse pointer over
    them. Since I have all high rez screens I wish the display box and
    photos were bigger, but I would guess that you have to size them to
    the lowest common denominator of screen size and resolution.
  5. Nice photography. But it's a pretty small on my monitor (which is
    nothing special, just 1024x768) as well.
  6. i agree, the frame is too small. also, i'm against using flash and
    feel it dectracts from the power of the images. you want to
    showcase your images, not your fancy design skills right? i
    believe that a photographer's website should implement design
    elements that are as simple and to the point as possible,
    allowing the photos to shine through and speak for themselves.
    that's just my 2 cents....
  7. Kirk, I found it very fast to load on dsl. Nice presentation, just
    enough flash to impress. I especially like "Flowers on white", it
    reminds me of some of my wife's food photography.
  8. Personally, I like the use of Flash on your site, Kirk. I always hear
    people rail against the use of Flash -- probably because most of
    time when it's used, it's poorly designed and executed. Not the
    case here. The download is fast and (most importantly) the
    navigation is clean and easy to understand. Don't dismiss Flash
    just to dismiss Flash.<p>
    Great photos, Kirk. I especially liked the street scenes from
  9. It's tiny on my 1280x1024 monitor.
  10. Kirk, I would agree with the previous observations that the window is
    too small, considering your target market. For this style of work, I
    think it is reasonable to design for a screen size of 1024x768 - that
    is generally the minimum screen size among professionals, graphics
    people, and ADs. The smaller size would be appropriate only if you
    were targeting consumer markets, I think.


    Although I usually don't like Flash-based sites, yours is
    well-designed and decidedly un-Flashy (in the good way). On a 384K DSL
    line, the portfolios loaded reasonably quickly, but that might change
    with larger images. I would have preferred to see more images of the
    cute Russian model from the Street section, however. (lol) Nice work,
    too, by the way.

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