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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Julie H, Jun 3, 2017.

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    Just when you thought it was safe -- "Heers Julie...";)
  2. The forum description used to allow for some minor verbiage, whether to note the equipment used, or for similar, very brief messages. I see the current instructions no longer include this caveat. Too bad. Nobody's dinged me for a few minor words now and again, so I'll continue doing so in a thoughtful and discreet manner.
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  3. Barney makes a good target. But, for me, I would thoroughly enjoy zeroing in on Inspector Gadget's nose. Just thinking about this gets that stupid jingle going in my head, and brings back all the familiar anxiety of endless, pitiless, pointless, repetitive...
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    David, please allow me to clarify that when one submits a photograph to the NWF a concise sentence or two regarding the submitted photograph, the technique or equipment used, or the subject is certainly permitted. What is not permitted are comments and discussions on the submissions. When the new PhotoNet software came on-line the posting guidelines were no longer visible; this has unfortunately created much confusion. I have tried to explain what is permitted and what is not to preserve the spirit of the NWF in a sticky thread at the top of the forum. I hope this helps. Regards.
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  5. NW is a challenge to me. I like to see if I can find something in my archive that fits every thread on the first page. Rarely happens, but it's fun to try and it gets me thinking about new things that I should shoot.
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  6. Very punny, Jon.
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  7. No words means let photo says itself. But sometimes I just can not keep my mouth shut.
  8. Must try harder.

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