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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Julie H, Jun 3, 2017.

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    I hate the damned thing. It causes me to spend hours digging through my digital archives--and sorting/organizing things. It's even made me scan old negatives. Time that could have been spent watching a spider eat a fly, or taking a nap. Then I have to touch it up and post it. So much work. The really sad part is finding images that I have simply dumped into a folder and forgotten about--now discover are worthy of the "full treatment" and printing. More hours lost to that and the mounting, marketing, selling. It's exhausting...

    What's even worse is when I discover that I don't have a sort of image subject shown. Then I have to ACTUALLY GET UP AND GO OUT AND TAKE PICTURES. Then I find myself taking different sorts of pictures. Looking at themes and things in ways that I was perfectly content to ignore. And technique. I see things that others are doing and try to learn how they were done. Oww, my head hurts even thinking about it. Then I get mad, because slowly how I do everything begins to change. Why do all of you insist I move out of my upholstered rut? It's all BS I tell you.

    The management needs to get rid of this nuisance. Replace it with something like "No Words, No Pictures." Then we can all just like each other's signatures.
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  2. I thought you liked hard work!
  3. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

    Papa -- "That which does not kill you....";)
  4. W/NW

    Comments and thoughts.

    Lets get stuck in the past with NW.
  5. That's the most fun for me also.

    That said, other Forums help me out in more practical ways, such as "How To Shoot an Eclipse". The contribution there and links to other good resources were all I need to have a successful shoot.
  6. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

    Actually, a motivating comment. I still dig on occasion, but try to post mostly from recent work, or even shoot to meet the topic just prior to posting. Adds to the fun.
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  7. N/WN is about folks sharing photos which is great, however, if you would like to make a comment about a photo...well, you cannot.

    W/NW allows you to do so. Just seems more flexible to me.
  8. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

    Not an issue, for shots I really like, or have a question about that interests me, I'll start a Private Conversation. Only shortfall, is that others who might be interested are not included. If it is really an a need, be easy enough to run a parallel Conversation with the same title as the No Words. No big thing.
  9. "song and dance" from Sandy.

    Noun..." a long-winded attempt to explain or justify something".

  10. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

    Allen, now I understand - you suffered excessive exposure to Barney. Like second hand smoke, I was only exposed through my children, and that rarely.
  11. "I was only exposed through my children, and that rarely. "Sandy.

    Sandy, you are in denial. Open up embrace...Barney loves you.
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    We actually had Barney targets at the shooting range at the height of his popularity. You could always tell who had children -- they bought and used them with enthusiasm.
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  13. Sandy is becoming my fav on PN.

    Barney takes abuse because he loves you, Sandy.
  14. He also loves Fred.
  15. Come on...a few words on a W/NW what is the problem.
  16. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

    Actually wouldn't much bother me, but it might go the direction of Philosophy :D with pages of murky prose. At the moment, the rule & practice is No Words, which even now some of us transgress.
  17. "but it might go the direction of Philosophy :D with pages of murky prose" Sandy.

    Methinks maybe just at best you might get the odd comment...if someone can be bothered...mostly they cannot.
  18. Perhaps Fred....but that is it.
  19. Philosophy folk have their own language of talk.... it takes a bit of discerning for the average Joe.

    However,, if you read between the lines, its not that difficult to escape from the muddle of prose and the play with words, if you look for their essence of thought.

    Sort of like a tax request cloaked in innuendos.
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  20. ..............
    A Wicker Basket

    by Robert Creeley

    [ … ]

    There are very huge stars, man, in the sky,
    and from somewhere very far off someone hands me a slice of apple pie,
    with a gob of white, white ice cream on top of it,
    and I eat it —

    [ … ]

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