Ottawa and Mont Treblant

Discussion in 'Travel' started by rick waller, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Will be spending 2 nights in each city in late July. Any photograpy
  2. This link has samples from ottawa all over it, if that gives you any idea. Just to warn you though, the homeless people there are much more agressive than in Toronto (If that means anything to you), so be careful after dark. Also, the parliament buildings and war memorial will crowded with toursists, so getting a shot of them could be difficult. However, if memory serves me right, there is a daily light show at the aprliament building everyday from june through sept, check that link to make though, as you could get some interesting shots from it. Good luck in Ottawa.
  3. if you like architectural shots I would definitely recommend the National gallery.
    As for landscapes: Petrie Island, anywhere along the river parkway, britannia park, andrew haydon park, Shirley's bay, the Gatineau park offers countless lakes (e.g. Philippe, Taylor, Meech...).
    You can check my PN gallery I shoot mostly around Ottawa.
    In tremblant you have Lake Monroe, riviere du diable.
    You can also email me when you're in town, and if I am available I could take you around town as well.
  4. Take one of the boat tours on the Rideau Canal. It offers a spectacular view of both sides of the river including the parliament buildings. Gatineau Parks is definitely worth a visit. Be sure to see the Pink Lake and go to Mackenzie King Estate ($).

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