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  1. My favorite is film and my products are so so. I divide my shots into what I enjoy and when I want to be sure that I have an image. If I want to be sure I have a good image I use my Rebel EOS. I also have a kodak easyshare which gives me nice images which the most convenient. Are there any forums which cater to this category for point and shoot digital?
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    Hey, you have already told your "secret", why leave? It is about the pictures you take, not what instrument you use to take them! I'm impressed with your openness!
  3. I guess it is the cost and inconvenience that attracts me to film LOL. Actuallly gives me some thing to aspire to and is my mental therapy. I enjoy the process of trying gto take a photo but some times i wjust want the photo so they are not mutually inconsistent. I look at what some can do with film and I am envious but I do like what I do because it is my project. But my Kodak with 14 MP with PS elements can deliver a pleasing image vt9-22-17a.jpg vt9-22-17abw.jpg
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