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  1. 6,578 miles away

  2. 5,463 miles away

    begijnhof, bruges
  3. There once was a mile-post in Nantucket...
  4. Great Wall of China. about 5100miles from Cambridge

  5. Stockholm, about 4000 miles
  6. Barcelona, Spain; 4,400 miles M-3 Barcelona SC raw.jpg
  7. south_pacific.JPG North Atlantic to South Pacific
  8. Tokyo
    0091a Estatua Libertad Bahía Tokio Puente Colgante-Japón.jpg Nikkor AF-S 18-55 DX (18)
  9. 5800 miles from home

    fl-Picture 104-Edit-2-Edit.jpg
  10. Nercón, Isla Grande de Chiloé, Chile
    Epson R-D1, CV Ultron 21mm F1.8 M-moubt /2015)
  11. . . Ahaus, Germany. Our "hometown" back in 1975, 9 time zones away...
    [​IMG]. . Schloss Ahaus, Germany by Reinhold S., on Flickr. . Neg# DLCA 144b. Fuji 617G, 105mm, Yg filter, FP4 filter. 1996. .
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  12. William Michael

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    Sydney, Australia: 33.8688° S, 151.2093° E

    Millennium Park, Chicago, USA 41.8826° N, 87.6226° W
  13. Eareckson Air Force Base (closed), Shemya Island, end of Aleutian Islands, Alaska USA - 4,693 miles

    Shemya16 (2).jpg
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