OT: what's in your cd player?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by matt_m__toronto_, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. i've been digging the new moby and chemical brothers album. for the
    past year, have been really into benny benassi. for relaxation,
    social party mode, i'm into cafe del mar and buddha bar.

    so what are you other leica nuts spinning these days?
  2. Cafe Del Mar sounds very nice, I've heard bits and pieces but never got around to it. Hopefully I will soon.

    I was just thinking of putting the Jurassic Park score into the CD-ROM drive but maybe I'll save that for later - got other stuff to do now.

    One of the great finds of these past few months has been the extended 'unofficial' Blade Runner soundtrack, taking up two CDs. I have recently aquired a compilation of Depeche Mode's earlier stuff which I found I didn't like.

    I've discovered some Bach which I find suprisingly pleasant. And I've found more of Nils Petter Molvaer's dreamy, rich electro-jazz, particularly the 'Recoloured' album. Good, good stuff.

    For something really smooth and moody, try Vangelis's Invisible Connections late at night with the lights off.
  3. I use an iPod so there really isn't room here to list what's currently in my favourites (569 tracks and counting).

  4. OK, in keeping to Leica topics, I'm listening to the leica song.
  5. pink flyod
  6. Early Miles Davis and Tom Waits, at the moment.
  7. Steely Dan, Richard Thompson, Neil Young -- as my daughter puts it, "old guys".
  8. Cabaret, Rachmaninov's Liturgy of St John Chrysostom and the Dead Kennedys.
  9. The new Kathleen Edwards. http://www.kathleenedwards.com/home.shtml
  10. CD player? What's that? Fortunately about 2 miles up the road there's a place called Bluenote Records. Vinyl, amazingly enough! Mostly, though, I don't listen to much music at home, and my local Starbucks is big on playing old blues, as well as folkies like Bob Dylan mixed with some light classic rock.
  11. Paul Simon - Kodachrome! No really, Andrea Bocelli and another by Marios Frangoulis, plus Gwen Stefani and Mary J Blige.

  12. Oh, and on vinyl, Jacques Brel, Ginastera's Missa Criolla and Coil (Horse Rotorvator).
  13. Good question Matt; makes us more rounded.

    A double disk of Aretha Franklin, re-release of her work in the 1960's. "A Queen in Waiting" it think. Chopin's Etudes and other works, played by V. Horowitz. A live recording which retains some mistakes according to the notes.

    My wife's new car, an Acura TSX, has XM radio as standard. It has music that even my teenagers have never heard of...

    PS to Al - I sold my turntable last year as my new amp has no phono input. But I still can't part with my albums, scratches and pops and all. An emotional tie to my youth?
  14. Dave Brubeck or the Grateful Dead.
    I'm also thinking about getting a turntable and
    reviving my vinyl collection

  15. ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
  16. Herbie Hancock, Maiden Voyage.
  17. Right this second? Adam Masterson, an English singer-songwriter.

    More generally, have listened to a lot of Sigur Ros lately, been getting back into the Happy Mondays and Placebo too, while rediscovering the glories of Gorecki's Three Sorrowful Songs and Faure's Requiem!

    So a bit of everything really!

    Hmmm. Just realised that for me recently it's all about getting back into stuff I've owned for a while rather than getting anything new. Must mean I'm getting old!
  18. Warren Zevon, and the Victory at Sea soundtrack.
  19. B.L.U.E. (Bill Bruford, Tony Levin, David Torn, Chris Botti), Mike Doughty (leadman from Soul Coughing), Les Claypool (bassman from Primus), Harry Connick Jr., Bjork, Dave Mathews Band (The Central Park Concert 3 CD set), Jeff Buckely, Everything but the Girl, Delirium, Kate Bush, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Music from Snatch (the movie), The Cure, Eminem, PJ Harvey, Rage against the Machine, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix

    It's actually all in my MP3 Player, but from my CD collection at home.
  20. Scarlet and other Stories by All About Eve, and I'm getting younger than ever !
  21. My last purchases:

    Sexy 70 - Music inspired by the Brazilian sacanagem movies of the 1970s

    Ben Harper and the blind boys of Alabama

    Diarios de Motocicleta

    Maybe I'm getting too eclectic.
  22. New Candi Staton compilation (the soul stuff), Shakti 'Saturday night in Mumbai', Tom Waits 'Real Gone', The Kaiser Chiefs, Wilco and absolutely anthing I can get my hands on by Gillian Welch. I am also listening very carefully to the shutter speeds on my 'new' M3, test roll TODAY - hi-fi OFF - out the door. Have a good weekend everyone, Johnny.
  23. "Antics" by Interpol. Can't wait to see them in Hamburg next monday.
  24. rj


    Right now its the Postal Service followed by The Pixies. Man, I want me one of them iPods, my sister has one and is in music heaven all the time. Still like the vinyl though.
  25. i have 3 cd players at home.
    2 contain 100 cds each and the smaller one in the basement, by the computer, has 25 in it.

    what do ya want to hear?

  26. "Leica Virgin" by M-Adorer
  27. In the player at the moment is "music has the right to children" by Boards of Canada and lying close by is "freak out" by Frank Zappa and I was listening to a bit of nightmares on wax in the darkroom last night.
  28. No idea what's in the CD player stuck off in a drawer somewhere. Right now, I'm listening to Guy Davis on Folk Alley internet radio.
  29. Oh and Ian I'm jealous that you've got Horse Rotovator on vinyl!
  30. Haven't had a stereo since college, never could stand to have a radio going in the car or while I was working. I don't have a clue who most of those singers are you guys are talking about. Pretty much the only music I listen to is when I'm on the 'phone on hold. Listened to country music growing up, most everyone in my town did.
  31. I'm on a business trip now, but the last thing before I left it was Mravinsky's '60's recording of Tchaicosvky's 4th symphony.

    On vinyl, vacuum tubes, and horns - of course.
  32. Dolly Parton "9 to 5".
  33. The Pogues & Captian Tractor
  34. Matt - Buddha Bar, I'm impressed. I've introduced a lot of people to Buddha Bar over the past couple of years and they all love it.

    Right now in the CD player is Velvet Revolver - Contraband.

    In the DVD player is Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live at the El Mocombo

    And in the minidisc is - Led Zeppelin - BBC Sessions.

    In one CD drive on my PC is Weezer - Green Album

    and in the other CD drive is a psychedelic trance compilation by Tsuyoshi Suzuki.
  35. I found a new hybrid SACD (Super Audio CD)/ordinary CD reissue of Van Cliburn / Kondrashin's performance of the Tchaikovsky 1st piano concerto from the early 1960s. This cost me a princely $12 at Border's Bookstore this past weekend. The liner notes stated that this was one of the first stereo recordings ever made by RCA. They used a 2 or 3 track tape machine running at 30 tpi. The digital technology basically picked up everything that was on the master tape. Because of the nature of editing in those days (razor blade and glue), the sound engineers bascially didn't edit this performace at all - just took it in as it came. I was expecting a hissy, tinny performance with compressed dynamic range. I bought it really because Van Cliburn is one of the 20th century's best performers.<p>Well, I can't stop listening to this! IT'S FANTASTIC! The S/N ratio is so low that there is no audible tape hiss. The pianissimo sections are so soft that if I turn up the volume to hear it, the fortissimo sections blow out my eardrums. The dynamic range is fully there! The sound is rich and incredible. You hear every nuance out of Van Cliburn's Steinway. Every little detailed expression from the orchestra is there. This is one of the best concerto recordings I've ever heard.<p>There's great balance between the soloist and the symphony. On a lot of these concerto recordings, the soloist dominates the sound all the time, and the orchestra sounds as if they were playing 100 feet away in another room. NOT ON THIS ONE BABY!<p>Finally, as if this wasn't enough, the Tchaikovsky concerto is paired with Rachmaninoff's 2nd Piano Concerto. This too, is one of the best performances that I've ever heard - and I've heard MANY of these concertos by the world's best both in concert and on recordings. This is a highly recommended mid-priced CD reissue. Don't just take my word for it. I later found out that this is THE recording that is recommended by the NPR Guide to Classical Music for both the Tchikovsky and Rachmaninoff 2nd.
  36. JS Bach, JS Bach and JS Bach. And a bit of Thelonious Monk here and there, and Django
    Reinhardt, Bill Evans, Wes Montgomery. Oh, did I mention JS Bach? And Astor Piazzola.
  37. Photography is my main obsession. For music I turn on the radio.
  38. it


    jeff buckley
  39. Robert, this may render you jealous, but I have attended a live Van Cliburn concert of
    Tchaikovski's 1st piano concerto in Paris in the late 50s. If I remember well the very young
    man he was at the time
    had just won the Tchaikovski Competition in Moscow. I can still see him with his mass of
    curly hair sitting at the piano at the Palais de Chaillot. But I don't have his recording of the
    concerto, "just" Martha Argerich's. Your post might entice me to go dig for it.
  40. Right now? Amos Milburn. Maybe a bit of Gene Vincent later on.
  41. Still the same old song and dance. The Boss live in Cleveland from 78. Definitive Springsteen for the ages.

  42. Hey Matt: The Streets, Massive Attack, Luscious Jackson, and Starving Goliath (a young band I photograph). Mary
  43. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    so what are you other leica nuts spinning these days?
    I was going to respond until I realized I don't meet the qualifications...
  44. Loretta Lynn, The Rolling Stones, Josh Grobin, Dylan, Johnny Cash, Queen, Emmylou Harris, and Brian Wilson
  45. It's late here; I've turned all the sounds off. If I wake up normally tomorrow I'll put on Martin Newell's mini-CD "Songs from the Station Hotel" but if I think I need a double shot of aural caffeine I'll put on either one or other of three compilations of raunchy, brassy Japanese pops from the early sixties: Eri Chiemi, the Peanuts, that kind of stuff (from back in the days when recording contracts were awards to voices and musicality rather than dance moves, trim thighs, and the ability to simper winsomely on the boob tube). "Come onna my house!"
  46. "CD player? What's that?"

    Look out, Al: battery-dependent.
  47. I just got the new Crosby, Still and Nash (no Young) greatest hits, and it goes from my living room to my cars and back pretty much each time I go somewhere.

    I also have two Dire Straits discs in the home stereo CD changer, "Making Movies" and "Love over Gold". When the TV is boring, I hit these two discs back to back.
  48. OK, let's look in em all:

    Bedroom = The 3 Ep's by The Beta Band.

    Portable = Best of the Lafayette Afro Rock Band

    Livingroom = some horrible 80's new wave compilation (not even a good one) left there by my wife...
  49. Leicawise how about:

    Leica Rolling Stone

    Leica Rhinestone Cowboy

    Leica Bridge Over Troubled Waters (topical heh?)

    (Lutz already did Leica Virgin)


    Public Enemy "My Leica Weighs a Ton"
  50. Great Big Sea, The Punters, 10,000 Maniacs, Captain Tractor, REM, and The Arrogant Worms
  51. No Leicanut here, but currently in the machine: Damnwells ("Bastards of the Beat"), Big Lebowski Soundtrack, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers ("Sonoran Hope and Madness"), A3 ("Exile on Coldharbour Lane", Damnwells ("Where it Lands").
  52. m_.


    anyone mentioned "dido" yet?
  53. Listening to a national treasure: Lucinda Williams Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
  54. The Hungarian Dances for Piano Four Hands by Brahms. Hey, I'm a luddite, remember?!
  55. Ah, Lucinda...
  56. Blue Cheer "Vincebus Eruptum" just went on, Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band "Lick
    My Decals Off, Bady" just ended. Emma Shapplin "Etterna" is on deck.
  57. In the car? This very moment? Reinhard Kreiser's Croesus.
  58. Mary: I LOVE Lucinda! I, er....touched her, once, after a concert here in T.O. She walked by a bunch of us and high-fived on the way to the dressing room.

    Yo-Yo Ma and Ennio Morricone is my latest purchase. Also got music for my (103rd) birthday, from "Motorcycle Diaries", quite brilliant.
  59. King Curtis Live at the Fillmore West. Absolutely THE best version of Whiter Shade of Pale
    you'd ever likely to hear. Same goes for an absolutely stunning version of Mr Bojagles. Soul
    the way it should be played. Check it out.
  60. jtk


    Koen de Cauter or Bireli Lagrene or Angelo Debarre.
  61. lately it's been the evens, mose allison, iron & wine and the mountain goats.
  62. Olivier,<p>I'm glad that you got to see him. That must have been incredible! I didn't arrive upon the planet until 1964. You should get the recording.<p>Correction, the master tape was moving at 30 inches per second, not tpi.<p>I also have Peter Donahoe playing the Tchaikovsky. Donahoe won the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow just before the end of the Soviet era. Then he went into hiding for many years.<p>I also have very fond memories of Arthur Rubenstein playing the Tchaikovsky concerto on an 12" RCA Italia LP vinyl disk recorded in Rome. That was a great performance I found from my public library back in the 1980s. I've been waiting for it to come out on CD, but so far it hasn't.
  63. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    "The Cure" goth bliss, man.
  64. I have two CD changers, 400 discs each. So pretty much everything is in my CD player. Or *was*. They're both nearly empty now because all of the music is being transferred to a network-attached hard drive accessible to any computer in the house (and soon the stereo, too).

    But in my car CD changer last I checked:
    Trembling Blue Stars,
    Chet Baker,
    Death Cab for Cutie,
    Snow Patrol,
    Marisa Monte,
    and a band called Momzer (http://www.momzermusic.com)

    OK, I'm in that last band, but it really is in my CD player...

  65. Robert, it WAS incredible, though I was in my mid-teens and maybe not yet able to
    appreciate it all. But the memory is clear.

    Funny you mentionned Arthur Rubinstein. My late uncle François, who was a famous
    French film-maker, and who introduced me to JS Bach (he'd play Bach records full blast
    all day), and actually took me to that Van Cliburn concert, did a film about Rubinstein
    (as he did about Menuhin and a few other musicians.) Funny and light-hearted genius,
    Rubinstein, who pretended never to practice.

    And to get back OT, I worked with that uncle as a cameraman, and this where I developed
    a love for images, film and film gear. As well as for music.
  66. Ipod. So far about 80 albums. Mixed. Classical mostly Baroque period, Reggae,80's like the Clash, newer stuff like Dave Matthews and U2. And so far one New Age that helps me to sleep.
  67. Trevor -

    Have you heard either Colin Davis' or Beecham's "Messiah?"

    I'm playing Brendel's versions of the Beethoven Piano Concertos in the CD-DVD drive of our iMac G4, with a Bose speaker system. Not bad.
  68. Tony likes The Cure?..................would have never guessed..........awesome band!
  69. I keep mostly rock & R&B instrumentals (e.g., everything from Dick Dale, Rockin' Rebels, Booker T & The MGs, Mickey Baker, to Illinois Jacquet) on my iPod, as it seems appropriate to the personal soundtrack concept. Lately, I've been on an '60's garage & hard rock/proto-punk kick so I also have the Sonics, Kingsmen, 13th Floor Elevators, Yardbirds, MC5, etc.
  70. hey mary,
    i've heard one track by the streets. don't have a clue what one, but i loved it. just haven't seen any albums. maybe back home? or are they import?
  71. The Kings of Convenience, Mogwai, Film School, The Clientele, Iron & Wine, Shostakovich's
    preludes and fugues, various things. I am rarely without music -- whether on at home, in
    the car, or walking around town. I actually find it much easier for me to take pictures when
    I am listening to headphones. It removes distractions and gives me some more courage.
    Where I might be hesitant to photograph someone I don't know without music, if I have my
    headphones on, I feel "safer" I guess...like I am inhabiting a different space from them, one
    from which my actions will not bother them. Of course, it is all mental, but I find music
    puts me in a better mindset for photography.
  72. 1. Ahmad Jamal Trio -- "The Awakening" (originally Impulse 1970)

    His version of Oliver Nelson's tune "Stolen Moments" (on this record) is sensational.

    2. Two cd set (collection) of Marvin Gaye recordings.

    What can I say? I'm reachin' back.
  73. the Residents
  74. Wasn't there a group called the Bystanders
  75. Jeff (www.spirer.com) mar 25, 2005; 09:51 a.m.
    "I was going to respond until I realized I don't meet the qualifications..."

    That's okay, we can hear the sounds wafting from your open window: Night Ranger, Asia, Dokken, Loverboy, that one REO song, over and over...
  76. gary numan, patti smith, abba, leadbelly, and stardust/thomas bangalter.
  77. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    The Cure's music is haunting and beautiful and some of their earlier stuff brings back a lot of memories. I especially love "Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities" and "Mixed Up" albums. "Mixed Up" has some really cool extended mixes.
  78. Van Morrison - Hymns to the Silence,<BR>
    Ray Charles - Genius Loves Company <BR>
    Dylan - Live 1966 (reissue) 2 sides, 1 acoustic, 1 electric complete with the Band and the audience booing.
  79. CD player in the living room:<BR>
    Keith Jarrett - La Scala<BR>
    Chet Baker - Last Great Concert <BR>
    John Coltrane - Ballads
  80. Have also a C J Walker turntable with Linn Basik arm and Grace ruby cartridge. Naturally a collection of vinyl to play on it.
  81. Andrea Bocelli, "Romanza" and Gerhard Scholz Band "Oktoberfest" Beer Drinking Music live from Munich, Germany. Sorry, no umlaut on my keyboard!
  82. 16 Horsepower - 'Secret South', and after that, Calexico 'The Black Light'.
  83. I really go bonkers over Pat Boone. But I only like his earlier inspirational stuff - before he went metal.
  84. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

  85. Julie London
  86. "Pat Boone is now an instrument of the Devil." Thanks Brad, I had no idea!

    I'm putting in a plug for my extensive Chris Isaak collection, something I like to play over and over and over and over. Unfortunately his TV show has made Chris an instrument of the devil too (if you've seen it...).
  87. Miles Davis, Dexter Gordon, Nina Simone, etc...
  88. Bach... Bach for breakfast, Bach at work, Bach in the darkroom...
  89. I remember when Chris Isaak was playing local clubs & sorority parties in Berkeley. Then he made it "big" by having his music featured on "Crime Story." Sigh, so long ago . . .
  90. Hey, don't knock Loverboy! ;-) They may not have been of the caliber of April Wine, but they were still Canada's answer to .38 Special (& have continued to entertain us through references on "South Park").


    "That's okay, we can hear the sounds wafting from your open window: Night Ranger, Asia, Dokken, Loverboy, that one REO song, over and over..."
  91. The Arcade Fire
  92. The "Best of Junior Wells".
  93. In the five disk changer....Miles Davis - Miles Smiles; PJ Harvey - To Bring You My Love; Terje Rypdal - Whenever I Seem To Be Far Away; King Crimson - USA; Ralph Towner - Solstice
  94. iPod has 3200+ tracks on it. A bit of everything. Great thread--thanks for starting it, matt.
  95. Tupac, Notorious BIG
  96. Matt,

    Chemical Brothers, si. Moby, no.

    10,900+ tracks on my iPod photo mit cover art for each and every one -sorry, I just had to show off, figured this was my only chance ;-)

    Rock'n'roll, modern jazz, swing, lounge, dance, electronica, Western classical, rap, ragga, zouk, soukous, Afropop, rai, Carnatic, Hindustani, Hindustani folk and a little Hindi film music.

    And to think 35 years ago, only Cream, the Doors, The Who, and a few others were on my approved list... tastes broaden, or standards fall. Take your pick.

  97. "They may not have been of the caliber of April Wine,..."

    Hey Christopher. True story, April Wine use to play dances at my high school. You want to talk about a long time ago...
  98. embarasses to say, but i saw april wine and david wilcox at an outdoor park concert.

    mani, what's wrong with the new moby?
  99. KPFA streaming audio- free speech-free music.
  100. A true story I heard about the MC5 from 1 of my teaching assistants in college. He attended Catholic school in Michigan & the year he graduated, around '68, the seniors hired the MC5 to play the big school dance. In deference to the nuns, the MC5 actually changed the opening line of "Kick Out the Jams" from "Kick out the jams, motherf*ckers" to "Kick the jams, Mother Superior!"
  101. Claire Martin's "Secret Love", Dr. John's "N'Awlinz: Dis, Dat or D'udda", Professor Longhair's "Rock 'n' Roll Gumbo", Norah Jones' "Feels Like Home" and "Jazz at the Pawnshop".
  102. Yay! Music lists! I love music lists!
    1. Heathen - David Bowie (because there is always at least 1 Bowie CD in at all times, that is LAW)<br>
    2. Dusk - The The <br>
    3. Van Lear Rose - Loretta Lynn<br>
    4. Dead Letter Office - REM<br>
    5. Rubber Soul - The Beatles<br>
    6. Left of Cool - Bela Fleck & the Flecktones<br>
    7. Songs for the Deaf - Queens of the Stoneage
  103. Scissor Sisters. Aimee Mann. Dylan.
  104. Dave McMurray, Chuck Loeb, Bob James, Keiko Matsui, and one's empty.
  105. What does the music do for (or to) you?
    Does it make you comfortably numb (to paraphrase PF), or does it take you to ecstasy, or something like that?
    Or do some of you listen to certain CDs just to remain au courant, so you won't feel left out of the conversation (which is why I peruse the sports pages)?
    Do you drift from one "top cool song of the day" to the next, leaving yesterday's CDs to gather dust, to be revived 20 years hence as the "new" vehicles of coolness, like the rangefinder camera revival today?
    What does music do for you?
    The origin of music was religious or spiritual, to get you close to God. Is this happening at all?
  106. 'In deference to the nuns, the MC5 actually changed the opening line of "Kick Out the Jams" from "Kick out the jams, motherf*ckers" to "Kick the jams, Mother Superior!"'
    lol, that's a good one.
  107. Matt, I was just indicating my preference for CB over Moby. I dunno, I have no problem with his music, but find myself getting edgy after a while. It's not a general problem I have with electronica/dance at all.

    Vic, not everybody is trying to be au courant and cool. Roots reggae, gospel, sufi music (qawwals), Indian classical music in general are all devotional in nature. And not everybody who listens to these kinds of music does so out of pure vanity, if I get the drift of what you are saying, theologically speaking. Quite the opposite.
  108. The origin of music was religious or spiritual, to get you close to God. Is this happening at all?
    No, most of the time I just got ants in my pants and I need to dance...
  109. Yanni, on the keyboards with a Minneapolis bar band, played at one of my college homecoming dances. Hmm...Now that I see these words on the screen, it doesn't seem as cool as that story involving the MC5, above. Dang. Sigh.
  110. Gillian Welch...Time (The Revelator)
  111. Matt, checkout Thievery Corporation, based on some of what you listed..I think you will dig.
  112. oh and 'hotel costes' for the 'cafe del mar' and 'buddha bar' fans. and for new, happy, cool rock, 'the killers'.
  113. Wow, I had no idea I was partially cool, and I'm not even a member of the street and docu forum.
  114. ...and I'm not even a member of the street and docu forum.
    Vic, make a commitment to lay off the John Tesh music for at least a couple weeks and the S&D membership committee will reconsider your application...
  115. Benny Benassi - fantastic!!!
    Have you heard any LCD Soundsystem? Go here: DFA Records
  116. Last 24 hours?
    1. Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
    <br>2. Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed
    <br>3. Flaming Lips - In A Priest Driven Ambulance
    <br>4. X - Los Angeles
    <br>5. Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
    <br>6. Bob Marley - Exodus
    <br>7. Cornershop - Woman's Gotta Have It
    <br>8. Cranes - Wings of Joy

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