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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by david_chong|2, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Seem to remember a thread about using the XPan for street pictures. Here's an interesting site I came across some time ago. Singlish
  2. What is the Fuji version of the Xpan known as?
  3. Wow! Excellent pics on boths sites and great use of the format.
  4. the 2nd one had some nice images, but Singlish - how does uninteresting photos/snap-shots get better because one uses a XPan?
  5. I tend to agree with Patrick; on looking at the pics again they're really quite ordinary & only one or two really exploit the format, & even then don't really make a statement.
  6. Looking at these images my conclusion is that the XPan isnt good as a street camera.
    There are no doubt opportunities exist where it would work - and Im sure Peter A. has
    some suggestions. It just seems to capture far too much thereby making it very difficult to
    deliver a real focal point - you either get a cluttered image or one with too much nothing.

    Its interesting as the XPan is a camera I have intermittently considered, and for what would
    be people work. However, after seeing some of these results Ive somewhat convinced
    myself this genre of photography is not what this machine excels at.

    Craig / Beijing
  7. David & Thomas - thanks for bringing these to our attention. While the results might not be uniformly excellent (and some really are quite mundane), it's always interesting to see what uses people put their Xpans to. It certainly gives me some ideas about what works and what doesn't.

    I was looking through a back issue of Black & White Photography (the UK publication) last night & saw an article about a guy who shot different aspects of Moscow using his 6x17 camera. It talked about the challenges of using a panoramic camera in a city and the dilemma of how the format (used in landscape mode) cuts the tops off buildings etc. Some of his photos worked well; others not so well.

    Pete - I think the Fuji version of the Xpan is the TX-1. I'm not sure if the Xpan II's equivalent is the TX-2, though.
  8. Tony Dummett has a couple of very nice X-Pan street shots in his portfolio
  9. For street work with the xpan you will generally need fast film since the lens are so slow. however, for landscape it great since you can use a tripod.

    there is a very interesting streetshot here http://www.rangefinderforum.com/photopost/showgallery.php/cat/533/password/
    taken with an xpan at night. I think it really uses the format to emphasize movement very well. Its an untitled picture in black and white.
  10. As far as Fuji goes. Use the first link for a translator than the second link for the url to translate. Make sure you pick japanese to English



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