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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by lee_shively, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. I must take this opprotunity to make a recommendation for an online
    book dealer you absolutely must be aware of. Photo Eye
    (http://www.photoeye.com) has really impressed me this week.

    When Garry Winogrand's "Winogrand 1964" was published, I put it on my
    wish list with Amazon but, being the procrastinator I am, I put off
    ordering it until sometime in February only to discover it was no
    longer available. Subsequent research showed it was out of print and
    no longer available but online dealers had it used for $100+.

    Photo Eye's site still had it listed so I ordered it a couple of
    months ago along with several other books. I got the dreaded
    backorder notice e-mail about the book and I had written it off as a
    lost cause until this week when I got an e-mail from Photo Eye and,
    just yesterday, a delivery from UPS. I have in my hands "Winogrand
    1964". It is brand new, wrapped in plastic and it was sold at less
    than the $60 retail price. I don't know where they obtained it but
    it was worth the two months or so wait. Amazon's used dealers are
    now selling the book for $200, by the way.

    I recommend photoeye.com the next time you plan a photography book
  2. FYI, Bookfinder.com is a great search engine for finding new and out of print books. Using that service I found the Winogrand book for $48, due to ship on May 17th from B&N
    Winogrand 1964 at B&N
  3. Wow, no kidding- $200 it is. Seems it was only a couple months ago it was available at retail from Amazon and elsewhere. Maybe you got your order in just in time. Interesting how the book market works. I sold my original William Eggleston book for $300, the 2nd edition (identical) brand new is $34. I hesitated on the Winogrand book also, because most of the photographs were in other books of his that I have- which I believe also have monetary value. Apparently photography books are a good investment in more ways than one... Thanks for the info on photoeye.
  4. Hmm, B&N does indicate $48, but "may be available" in May. The book is going for $70-$75 on ebay.
  5. Yes, there has been announced a planned second printing of the book. But neither B&N locally nor online had the book back in February when I ordered it from Photo Eye. The one I just got was the first edition.

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