OT, internet printing of B&W images or Fuji Frontier?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by gerry_szarek, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. OK, has anyone tried the Fuji in store printing Frontier machines to
    print B&W from a CD? My local photo shop is getting one in shortly,
    at $0.49 a print it certainly will be cheaper than having them doing
    it the old fashion way with an enlarger.

    On a similar topic, does anybody have a good e biz that can print B&W
    images? I am looking for an OFOTO type solution.

    My CFO (the boss) will not permit any more toy expenditures until
    next year, then maybe I can justify an Epson or Canon printer.

  2. I just wanted to add that I've had nothing but great service from PhotoAccess
    online printing. Unlimited uploads, inexpensive prints up to 12 x 18, and fast
    service. They use digital laser enlargers and then develop in traditional
    chemicals, i.e. these are not inkjet prints. For the number of prints I make per
    year this is a MUCH better option than buying a high quality photo printer (like
    the Epson 2200).

    I would imagine that they would be able to a great job with B/W files as well.
    But no experience here.
  3. Do you have their web address for Photo Access?
  4. www.reedphoto.com prints digital B&W on RC photographic
    paper with a lightjet. Has anyone tried this service?
  5. >OK, has anyone tried the Fuji in store printing Frontier machines to print B&W from
    a CD<

    Yes, one of the local wal-marts has one. I have provided a CD with jpeg images from
    film and digital camera, and also had process/print from fuji color print film. The
    results varied considerably due to the skill/interest level of the operator of the the
    day, so I abandoned the notion after a half dozen attempts and two out of six
    success. Your local shop should give you much better results...jf
  6. Not with a CD, but I've shipped B&W files over the internet to a local printer who uses a Fuji Frontier machine. I was very happy with the resulting prints. They did pick up some contrast along the way. The default contrast from my Minolta Dual III seems to be what the printer wants, so no added contrast tweeking here.
  7. I've had a couple of wedding jobs printed with a Fuji Frontier lab from B&W
    files delivered to them on CD- they have been pretty good- nothing to write
    home about, but quite acceptable for their purposes. One point, though- I
    have a good relationship with the lab and the tech who does my work, and
    believe me, that makes all the difference.

    Even if you can find good tech to run your work, I don't recommend using
    these cheap Frontier prints for real quality work- they can't hold a candle to a
    nice hand made fiber print- or a well done custom digital print. Check out
    piezographic inks for the Epsons when the boss allows for another purchase.

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