OT: Digital M not in stores yet... Mr. Piper?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by andrew robertson, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. I made a small wager with Andy Piper a while back on this thread and the clock is ticking soon. I just polished up the Industar and have had a suitable box and quantity of bubble wrap ready to go, but I don't think I'll be needing it! Anyway, I wish Leica the best. They still have two days to get the production version of the M8 into customers hands before the period of our small wager expires...
  2. http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=00Goiz&tag=
  3. They are in *some* stores according to a couple threads here in the LF though they are not widely available.
  4. I KNEW I felt a sinking feeling for some reason...!

    Jeez - I hope someone still SELLS generic cable releases! Guess I can find one

    So far as I know, reps have already gotten "production" cameras and shown them in stores
    - but deliveries will be Nov. 15 and later. I lose.

    AND the Broncos lost in the last 2 seconds....

  5. Remember Leica is a small outfit, and I'm sure each one is both handmade and inspected to a fare the well.

    Canon and the like probably produce more cameras by sundown the first production day of the year then Leica does by the time the next year rolls around.

    Don't think you'll ever see them arriving at dealers by the pallet load.

  6. Tony Rose said leica already revised shipment from 2000 units to 1500 units when completed...
  7. Apparently they were available this weekend at Hunt Photo and Video in Melrose for $250 less than MSRP. Unfortunately we were without Power for part of Saturday stopping my little field trip.

  8. $250 off at Hunt's? The person in store told me it's a Hunt's rebate of $200! Also, they expect their first shipment about two weeks later, corresponding to the Nov 15 indicated earlier in this thread.

    Gerry, do you know if Hunt's had any M8 in stock for sale? I saw just one demo unit available when I went yesterday.
  9. "Jeez - I hope someone still SELLS generic cable releases! Guess I can find one somewhere..."

    The wager was over a soft release (one of those little button extenders you thread into your
    shutter release) NOT a cable release, which I have legions of!
  10. On the Leica forum, Pascal Meheut (a longtime no-BS contributor) claims that his local store
    has called, and his M8 is there---he's picking it up today. Unless another reliable report
    comes along, watch this Leica forum thread to see who wins the bet...

  11. Leica had said they were planning to ship all 2000 at once so that nobody would feel slighted. Thinking about it now, it seems like they should have sent the US batch out first, because it will have to go through customs. Really though guys, it's a camera, not the Second Coming. Take a breath.
  12. r s

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    Seems like Andy Piper won (Link ) as the M8 is now in some stores. There are other repors than the one linked to as well.
    Congrats Andy.
  13. "soft release" - duly noted. S'cuse.
  14. The original deal - edited for space and intervening OT comments:

    Andrew Robertson - I will be very surprised if it ships before 1st quarter 2008.

    Andy Piper - Want to bet? - say, the price of an M8?

    Andrew Robertson - I'll send you a free Industar 61LD if it's in stores in September. If not,
    you owe me a generic softrelease.

    Andy Piper - I'd take that deal- but the shipping won't be until October. Plus it depends
    on how one defines "in stores". In stores long enough (2-3 hours) for the people on
    waiting lists to come pick theirs up - by October 31, 2006.

    Andrew Robertson - OK, if the orders are being fulfilled in October and customers have
    their camera in hand by 10/31 then you're on!

    Since ONE customer in France has now actually picked up his M8 on Oct. 30 (see links
    previous, now updated with that news), and since no particular country was specified in
    the original wager - I declare a moral victory. Leica is delivering M8s in Oct. 2006.

    But a practical draw - since there are no M8's in either Denver or Seattle stores. (Or
    anywhere in the US so far as I know - Darn that puddle called the Atlantic!)

    In any event, Andrew, I have a nice black Nikon soft release that could use a good home (I
    don't use 'em on my Ms) - so email me off-list with a mailing address.
  15. I should clarify: the Nikon soft release is for standard center-threaded shutter buttons - not
    the external thread used for screw-mount Leicas and Nikon F/F2s. I think it dates from the
    F3 or FA era.
  16. It's available in Dubai and some Arkansas store according to a coupla threads further down
  17. My old Gran saw one in Woolworth whilst she was cleaning the counters.
  18. "Seems like Andy Piper won (Link ) as the M8 is now in some stores. There are other repors
    than the one linked to as well."

    Sorry, the original terms were "in the customer's hand" by the end of October. Being in the
    shop doesn't help!
  19. By the way, as I never use my Industar any more anyway, it's going to Mr. Piper as a
    consolation prize.
  20. r s

    r s

    Well it's obviously in some people's hands. Was the bet that all 2,000 units were to be delivered? If it was me, Andrew, I'd forfeit or call it a draw. Didn't you say they would be delivered in 2008 by the way? ;-)
    Anyway, a lot of more important things to dwell upon - being Halloween and all. I'm off to mix up some drinks. :)
    Have a safe one everyone.
  21. "I'll believe it when I see it" is my general attitude with this sort of thing.

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