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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by gerry_szarek, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. Al, I assume you are keeping a close eye (no pun intended) on the
    catagory 4 just south and west of you. Best of luck.

  2. Better get to shore Al. You can fish another day. :)
  3. I'll wait until morning to decide about putting the hurricane shutters on. I have a month's supply of canned goods, cat food, crackers and cookies, several gallon packs of various darkroom chemicals, a supply of paper, and maybe 80 rolls of film. This ain't the first one I've been through! Right now I think it'll pass to the west and not do much damage where I am in extreme northeast Miami-Dade County. Thanks for your concern! I was thinking about emailing Councilman Galvin about getting pix of him while he examines any hurricane damage here in North Miami. My fishing club cancelled Sunday's dolphin tournament and we're hoping the weather will clear enough for a Sunday afternoon barbecue instead
  4. Poor Al. Eating catfood now. (Is that the secret behind the hair and the accuity of vision.)
  5. Al, what, no cigarettes?

    Good one Trevor, but if he has a cat it's a good thing Al has a supply of cat food. Otherwise, as anyone who has ever had a cat would know, he'd BE cat food before long.

    Good luck to you (and anyone else in the region).
  6. Ah cyclone season in the "Bermuda Triangle" again!

    Best wishes to all the folks who vivit here from Florida and adjacent states. Lets hope there's just only one cat 4 this year.

    Regards to all C.
  7. Take care, Al and Dennis.
  8. << My fishing club cancelled Sunday's dolphin tournament and...>>

    I think there's a dog shoot in Orlabdo next week.
  9. "Dolphin" is a name used for both popoises (mammals) and a pelagic fish found world-wide in the tropics, sometimes called by it's Spanish name "dorado", because of it's golden color.

    Right now Dennis is west of Key West, and heading away from South Florida, having changed course during the night. Winds in Miami are perhaps 10-12 KPH, might get a bit higher during thunder storms assocated with Dennis, and they're only predicting about 5 cm of rain today. Right now we have light rain.
  10. kph? cm? What units of measure are these? ;-)
  11. I figured that folks from the rest of the world wouldn't have to get out their conversion tables if I used metric. For the U.S. readers of this forum who flunked chemistry put your brand new Summilux in a bucket bayonet side down and add water until the front element is barely covered. That's about 5 cm of water. Then take your lens out and get the water out of it by throwing it at a the wall as hard and fast as you can. That's about 10-12 KPH. Now mail the lens to Frank and ask him if it's still pristine.
  12. Al, 10 - 12 kph is about the same speed a jogger achieves. A decent throw should be fast enough to hit a jogger with a small stone from 100 yards away whilst simultaneously raising camera to eye to get the reaction on film. (Best thing to do with a jogger.)
  13. A photo cheer up my mate Dennis.....
  14. And I assumed the original post was worried about Dennis C. Silly me! Of course, he's in New Orleans and not too affected by this one. Plenty of time left in the season though!
  15. Thanks for the concern, though, Steve. We got hit earlier in the week by the tropical storm (Cindy) that passed through here. My neighborhood looked like a disaster zone... huge trees down practically every block. Fortunately we were only out of electricity for about ten hours, but my neighbors across the street were out for two or three days. We just got telephone and cable back a few days ago.
  16. Good luck guys, the weather sure is rather dodgey this year, and early too!

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