OT Actually WOT Microsoft spyware removal tool

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by gerry_szarek, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Good evening, for those of you that use computers, spyware is a
    serious problem. Al can ignore this thread since he communicates
    using a smoke fire (I couldn't resist Al). Microsoft has a FREE
    spyware removal tool at www.microsoft.com go to the security
    section. Install it an run, it works pretty good, on newer
    machines it takes about 30 minutes or so to run, depending on the
    number of files to inspect.

  2. Or you can switch to a Mac in which case spyware and pop-ups are hardly an
    issue at all! : )
  3. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    do not use anything by micro soft! they put their own gawd dam spyware on your computer. the only program out there that doesn't is the adaware se 105 from www.lavasoftusa.com

    the other thing you can do is use mozilla firefox. i've had no spy ware or pop ups since surfing with it. get rid of explorer, they used to be the only game in town and didn't really give a crap.
  4. Get a Mac - zero problems.
  5. Typical MS junkware. The install program locked up and hosed my machine badly enough to require a reboot.
  6. Yes, Mac..no problems, except the horrid interface, equal or worse stability to WinXP and significantly higher prices.
  7. As much as I like the Mac, please recognize that the reason it doesn't have a spyware issue is that it makes up just a few percent of the market - not enough to entice hackers.
  8. I use Netscape's browser, AdAware, and Spybot Search & Destroy--I get no popups, and the few bits of spyware I pick up are quickly eradicated. All those programs are free. I see no reason to replace them with a product from a company that has a long history of producing bug-ridden, non-secure software.
  9. ...please recognize that the reason it doesn't have a spyware issue is that it makes up just a few percent of the market - not enough to entice hackers.
    Of course and that's just fine with me. As far as stability issues mentioned, with OS X, 3 machines running almost 3 years with no reboots/crashes. And no virus and spyware issues as well.
  10. a second vote for ad-aware. it found a bunch of junk after i had run spy bot. it is free and also offers online updating, much like norton antivirus.
  11. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    Mike, Firefox is made by the brains from Netscape. It's an open source piece of software, small, and has many cool features. And no spyware has been getting through. I thought my adaware was corupte the first time. Give it a shot, you can always uninstal.

    I used to be all for Mac, but not being able to open the thing up and hop it up at will or upgrade just this just that, began to bug me. A properely built PC from scratch by someone in the know is my prefered route now.
  12. My life is an open book anyway. So they know all the porn sites I visit? Big deal!
  13. >Stephen Gomes , jan 12, 2005; 09:31 p.m.

    >Yes, Mac..no problems, except the horrid interface,

    Bwaaaaaaahahahaha! Just mouse on down to the "START" button to turn Windoze off...

    >equal or worse stability to WinXP

    Please! Restrict your comments to something you ACTUALLY know about...

    >and significantly higher prices.

    Not when you have to add in all the things that the Mac already has.

    Downloaded your 6,000, 456th lack-of-security patch lately??
  14. Run Mozilla Firefox and Adware finds 1/20 the crud; since it is not a condom with holes; like Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you go to some bad sites; the IE and all the patches still wont help you.
  15. Mac and PC. Leitz and Zeiss. Nikon and Canon. Fuji and Kodak. Tri-X and HP5+. Film and
    digital. Pepsi and Coke.

    The great rivalries in History.
  16. significantly higher prices​

    I'll second the suggestion that you post about what you know:
    Macs starting at $499
  17. Bailey,

    This new Mac just was announced today, so the comment about cost was relevant. And stop being such a twat.
  18. Ian, that particular Mac model was actually announced yeterday.

    Moreover, anyone claiming "significantly" higher
    prices for equaivalently-configured Mac and high-end PC systems is just as ignorant
    today as they would have been a year ago.
  19. Hmmm is there anyone here that uses Linux (In any of it's flavors)?

    Go Penguin power.
  20. Stephen and Brett - The reason that current Macs are relatively immune to adware, spyware and virii is that the OS is a specialized version of the Berkeley Unix. It's damned difficult to penetrate a Unix enviornment at the root level unless you, as the administrator, have screwed up royally.

    Unfortunately, Microsoft's eagerness to populate the universe with their OS has left Windows users with holes big enough to drive through - - - and the hackers have been doing that. When security patch after patch after patch after patch after patch has been required to shore up an OS against invasion, one must simply reasom that the code was seriously flawed.

    The rationale for a Mac is its sophisticated OS, which has been developed as variant of the Unix open source system that has been in development by programmers, worldwide, for decades.
  21. Yup, I'm using Linux right now.
    I have to say, however, that only a brave person would choose it for photography-related purposes. If I wanted a computer for that, I'd use either 'Doze very well separated indeed from the internet or more likely Mac OS X.
    The missus has no interest whatever in computers, no inclination to even turn the front cover of any manual (least of all one that's computer related), probably hasn't even noticed that programs have "Help", but had no problems switching to Mac OS X when her previous 'Doze laptop crapped out.
    As for Microsoft's spyware removal tool, the first thing I thought of when I heard of it was "What's in it for Microsoft?" As has been pointed out above, Lavasoft's Ad-Aware is free of charge and easy to use. Actually the Microsoft product doesn't sound bad, even when discussed by people who are notably sceptical of the company's products. But why bother to keep obediently marching on the scare/pay/upgrade Windows treadmill?
  22. Al communicates using a smoke fire and visits porn sites ...

    Ohhhhhhhh Noooooooooooo!!!
  23. Hey Eric. I downloaded Firefox and am using it now. It's certainly faster on my computer than IE. If I like it, I'll probably try to dump IE, if Bill will let me. I remember I tried to remove it once from a version of my current 4th generation rebuild and it wouldn't allow it without f..king up windoze. However I will probably keep with outlook as it has a lot of stuff in it I use.
  24. From AP, food for thought --

    "Investors seemed unimpressed...the stock may have also taken a hit because of the Mac mini, the company's new, $499 computer. Profit per machine is likely to be lower on the bare-bones mini.

    Cross estimated the profit margin to be as high as 19 percent. More expensive Macs have profit margins of 25 percent or higher."
  25. Well, Apple stock is up almost 12% today in after hours trading - due mostly to
    significantly exceeding earnings forcasts.
  26. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    Barry, i just ignore the icon in the tool bar now. But what amazed me was how little, none, spyware i was picking up with it. I like the clickable tabs in the tool bar for jumping from page to page, great for searching. I'm sold, there's no going back.
  27. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    Brad, have you seen the mini-mac? it's too cool.
  28. Well, I'm one of those who use Linux - I've been a Linux fan for a long time, but switched completely only about a year ago, mainly due to security concerns. I still use windows, though - but in a vmware window, so windows has no access to internet or anything "dangerous". Would like to ditch them completely, but need MS Office for work. Actually, not Office, but Trados, and some other proprietary specialized translation tools...which can be run only on windoze :(

    Linux DOES have stuff for a photographer: Gimp is OK, but not really up to Photoshop standards. For me, it's easier to do some quick stuff in PS. Scanner support is better under Windows :(

    OTOH, my digital point'n'shoot works much better under Linux - the interface is much better than the one offered under Windows (Canon).
    For browsing, it's Mozilla (Firefox). Can't live without tabbed browsing, once I got a taste of it...

    Spyware is a non-issue in my setup...

  29. How on earth can you guys get so excited about your computer?
  30. Especially jon who was getting positively "out of his pram" with all the screaming capital letters and 'bwaaahaha' stuff. (What is that? Crying?)

    Too many sugary drinks I think.

    Computers are about as exciting as unblocking a drain.
  31. Computers are about as exciting as unblocking a drain.
    And they waste much more time than does unblocking a drain, and rarely leave one with a comparable feeling of unambiguous accomplishment. Still, they're tools.
    Uh yes, the Gimp. I've never been able to do anything whatever with it. Perhaps it's just that I'm even thicker than I'd realized.
  32. "How on earth can you guys get so excited about your computer?"

    Not the computer, so much, as the notion of actually being able to use the thing without tinkering with it every day. Window's platforms are like those old British sports cars you have to tune up before every drive, but lacking the compensating charm. If you'd rather drive than be an amateur mechanic, get a Mac.
  33. If on a WIN platform, I'll second using adaware, spybot & Firefox.
  34. We have three computers in our home. One just needed a complete overhaul including reformating the hard drive and completely rebuilding the system. Another is hopelessly clogged with crap from the internet and hardly works. Neither can now recognize the wireless network (though they both used to be able to). One has absolutely no problems whatsoever and all the kids have to fight for time on it.

    Guess which one is the Mac.

    And guess what kind of computer I'll be buying to replace the other two!
  35. Another vote for Firefox - tabbed browsing, customisable search available on every page, ctrl and + magnifies the screen...and no popups or spyware.
  36. This thread demonstrates to me one thing I have noticed in the last 12 years. The
    difference between PCs & Macs is that Mac users like their computers. Mine is just as
    important to me for my photograhy (& making a living) as my cameras.
  37. Brad, have you seen the mini-mac?
    Yes. A nice easy way for Windows-based iPod-iTunes users who enjoyed that experience to switch to the Mac. Definitely not a photoshop machine, but most people just need email, web, and word processing - great for that. I can see using em as distributed WiFi- linked intelligent wireless media servers. Pretty cool and pretty cheap.
  38. adaware, spybot are good at removing but spywareblaster stops it from getting on your computer in the first place.
  39. Al is a professional photographer, he has every right to visit 'nude
    photpgraphy' sites and assess the images therein for their artistic content. Seb
    (Al's self-appointed lawyer)
  40. I've never been able to understand the proplems people have with Windows; not, at least, after finally putting in XP. I have had absolutely no trouble with it. Although, yes, it does need to be rebooted after using PS, or any other app that takes a large amount of system resources.
    This is from my experience, however, and I admittedly cringe in disbelief at stories I've heard from other users. Many I know have the nightmares I've heard about, but I am only able to come to one conclusion; the PC manufacturers are shoddy! I think it's Dell, HP, etc..., etc... I have run XP on my Japanese made PC, Fujitsu, and couldn't possibly be happier.
    And... definitely use Firefox, Ad Aware, and Spybot! Sticking with IE is the dumbest thing anyone could do! Inspite of Mr. Bill, there are alternatives.
  41. The only weapon consumers can use against conglomerates is buying power. I was against MAC's over 10 years ago as it's prices were too high and their hardware/software too proprietary. I was against IBM as well for similar reasons as well as them being too large and inflexible towards consumers. Generic pc's and Microsoft platform gave consumers more choice and MS strength grew to a point where Apple and IBM's had to move their butts to stay in business and therefore forced them to be more inovative.

    Now Microsoft is too large and inflexible and too expensive and too invasive. So consumers should 'whip them and whip them good'. Do not focus on who has the lower share of the market. Instead keep any power off balance so that they do not get too complacent.
  42. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    Brent, I don't understand it either. If you have a pc and think you can run around the net like you are on a mac without routers and firewalls and updated definitions and such, then you can't blame the pc for slowly clogging up and coming to a hault. If you let your kids download anything that sparks their interest, well, that's just silly. Especially on most of the gnutella networks, Limewire's okay though, as most problems are brought on by the curious user and hence is ridiculous to blame the machine.

    Brad, the ram is small in the mini mac, but a great alternative to getting ones precious work station off line and having it sit beside it on the desk as, because you say, it's great for simply surfing and word documents and such. Computers run so much faster without anti virus programs running, and would be perhaps the cheapest performance up grade possible, is to unplug it from the net and invest in something cheap that does.
  43. <How on earth can you guys get so excited about your computer?>

    How on earth can you guys get so excited about your cameras and lenses.
  44. Well, Apple stock is up almost 12% today in after hours trading - due mostly to significantly exceeding earnings forcasts. - can you say "I-Pod"?
    Firefox (Firdbird when I started with it) is the best browser out there. Bare-bones, FAST, tabbed browsing (how did I live without that), ad and pop-up blocking etc. Runs on my Windoze and Linux platforms. Linux is great but it can be a royal PITA at times, e.g. ever try to setup CUPS and a printer?
  45. Ian MacEachern: "And stop being such a twat."

    What is a twat?
  46. Oxford Dictionary says:

    <p>twag noun<br>
    vulgar slang: a woman's genitals.
  47. That $500 Mac people keep using to downlplay my 'significantly overpriced' statement is a fallacy. You see, once you actually add the things you need, like a mouse, keyboard, monitor and maybe printer...its about $200+ more than a comparable Dell. But don't believe me, go read what a lot of the analysts are saying.<br><br>
    Now for stability. I run WinXP for days and weeks on end. The only time I turn it off is if I am having trouble sleeping and don't want to here my laptop making any noise. OS X I do know about. Use it plenty in the Mac labs at school. Hate it plenty too. But maybe I should refine my 'horrid interface' statement to 'i dont like the interface' as interface is a subjective thing, at least partially. All I know is I start using one the OS X systems and have no idea what programs are running because of that stupid wannabe taskbar. It may be less cool and quite ugly, but that grey/blue/green bar at the bottom showing me all the programs that are running is kinda convenient.<br><br>Ah yes, and security. I would love to see the day that hackers even bothered to attack Macs. Then the 'Macs are more secure' arguement may start to fade away. Windows has some collosally stupid programming in it from time to time that gets exploited. However if you are careful, you will be fine. Of my computer savvy friends, we have been 100% virus free. MS want me to install another XP patch, fine by me..takes about 2 minutes and it happens once a month or less.<br><br>To each their own, I don't like Macs, so I don't buy. I just don't see why every Windows thread turns into a Mac-attack on Windows.<br><br>Just don't accuse me of being an idiot or talking of things I don't know about.
  48. OS X is far more stable than XP when under sustained loads. My wife has her Windows 98
    box, which she has pruned to relative stability. I have a TiBook with OS X 10.3, and I only
    reboot for OS patches. We both use the Media Center PC running "Media Center - a
    superset of XP Pro" as an online storage box. That thing goes down monthly at least.

    It's not buggy drivers. XP is just incapable of surviving sustained loads. I have personally
    worked on (rescued?) many fragged out Windows XP 'networks' in the past few years, and
    it's better than 98, or NT4, but not quite as stable as 2000.
  49. gib


    mini-mac without monitor, keyboard, or mouse

    turning to look around me, hmmm, I am almost afraid to tote up how many extra bits I have: one extra monitor, two spare keyboards, and the cat is just so lazy

    so selling the mini-mac without, isnt such a crime after all, despite what the analysts say. the strategy is to sell them like ipod hotcakes

    (from a not particularly geeked WIN XP and Mac user)
  50. There are lots of free tools you can use to keep a Windows system reasonably secure. To fight spyware, it's a good idea to run both Spybot S&D and Ad-aware. A firewall of some description is now essential - Kerio does a good job. AntiVir is a decent and regularly updated virus scanner. An alternative browser like Mozilla or Firefox avoids many of the problems associated with IE. It's important to keep up to date with security patches, like the large SP2 patch for XP and subsequent updates - AutoPatcher is a nice tool for batch offline installation of these updates.
  51. its about $200+ more than a comparable Dell.​

    I call bull$hit on that one. In fact articles on cnet and other places specifically compared similarly configured Dell machines and found the Mac mini a few dozen bucks cheaper. More, even a year ago, similarly configured (quality monitor, Firewire, speakers, etc) higher-end Dells were no cheaper.
  52. What WJ said...

    Apple's $500 mini-mac strategy is not one of where you would build a system from
    scratch buying the keyboard and display (though one certainly can). Rather, it's a low-cost
    means to get Windows users who have had a great experience with iPod and ITunes, and
    want to experience the Mac with a really robust OS - where one doesn't have to worry
    about viruses, spyware, etc. You already have the display, keyboard, printer, etc.

    And my personal experience of not having to reboot for almost three years (with three
    machines) with OS-X says a lot. That's the way it was when I used Sun machines and
    SunOS - you just expected that kind of OS robustness and took it for granted.
  53. Z, if you wanna call BS on me and quote CNET, then so will I:
    This puts the two Mac Minis' price tags at about $100 to $150 more than those of similar PCs.
  54. No, I'm talking about comparisons of comparable Dells specifically, not nebulous
    'similar PCs' -- similarly configured and powered machines.

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