original price of a 1994 Leica m6

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  1. I just sold my beloved M6 and 35mm Summicron f2 through Tamarkin in Chicago. They did a fantastic job and could not be more pleased. I sold it on consignment which netted more than an outright sale and it was seamless. Ship the camera and wait for a check. I was quite pleased with the price I got but forgot what I paid for them back in 1994. Does anyone here have an idea what list prices for these guys were back then? Earlier in the year I also traded my 50mm Summicron for a Mamiya 6 with a 75mm lens which was a great deal for me as well. Thanks.
  2. In 1986 a 35mm f2 Summicron was $440. The 50mm f1 Noctilux at $1,130 was the most expensive M lens. I also think I recall most, if not all M lenses at that time were produced in Canada. By the early 90's or so production started moving back to Germany, the "ASPH craze" started shortly thereafter and prices began elevating.

    I purchased a new black anodized 35mm f2 ASPH when the ASPH version first came out. It was 1996 or 97 and the price was $1,495.

    Most dealers in print always had "CALL" to get an M6 price. I found one M6 listed new price of $1,695 in 1986, and you could still buy a new M4-P for $900.

    I vividly remember by the mid to late 90's the 50mm f2 at $995 being the last M lens available new for under $1,000.
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  3. Well, at least, we can't blame Biden on those price increases.
  4. Greg has got the figures. Here is a Dec., 1994 ad for B&H from Popular Photography

    As said, CALL is the "price" for the camera, but the lens prices are mostly in $
  5. I have no idea about cost in 1994, but I remember that when M6 came out the cost was about $650, which is different from MSLP. Beyond my budget at the time. Later looked through viewfinder of M6 at Ken Hansen’s and decided no match for my M4’s, and didn’t care for diodes. Preferred needle in wife’s M5, which is visible in bright light. But those who like it have no regrets, so that’s just my reaction.
    Good to hear nice things about Tamarkin. Your M6 must have been well cared for and in excellent condition because he only sells high quality stuff.
  6. You can scroll through the Popular Photography classified ads yourself (look here). Having just done this it appears in the first quarter 1994 a Leica M6 sold for $1,769.95 (but this price was likely grey market). Leica USA rebates were being offered at the time ($300 for a body), but Leica USA MAP prices were not listed ("call") as noted in JDMvW's post above. Leica USA's 5-year Passport warranty was a "no-fault" replacement warranty - you only needed to send in the camera. Grey market purchases would typically save you as much as 20% over Leica USA prices and included a shorter (3-years as I recall) international warranty, which meant you needed to send your camera to Germany - and it wasn't "no-fault".
  7. With Leica I always say you remember the quality long after you've forgotten the price. It pains me to say that I sold my M6 along with my M2 and M3 in 2013, including lenses from 21mm to 135mm. Made a nice down payment for my wife's new 2013 XC70 Volvo wagon, last in a long line of Volvos. All Canon digital since then, including my latest EOS RP.
  8. I was way off. Bill Blackwell has it right!

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