Original Leica M5 two lug, and three Lug Strap Appearance?

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  1. Does anyone have a picture of the original Leica M5 two lug, and three lug straps? I can't find anything showing the whole strap from end to end. My goal is to purchase authentic straps in serviceable condition, or if that is not possible, fabricate the straps myself. Thanks.
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    The 3-lug version uses a leather/nylon loop around the lug 'bars'. Not the usual lug metal rings, which will scratch the metal lugs. Can be used either vertically or horizontally.
    The 2-lug version you can use the original version or as I did an easy to make continuously strap going through both lugs on the one side with an adjustment buckle you can place on either up side.
    Personally I like the 2-lug version of the M5. Over the shoulder and across the chest, with the camera at the side, makes the camera supported and lightens the load. The criticism the M5 got from the original 2-lug design was if you have 2 cameras this arrangement didn't work well and I would have to agree. Two cameras over the neck with one longer than the other works, and you can always set the 3-lug version up as a 2-lug, so its more versatile. But one of the reasons for the 2-lug was to make a smooth left side of the camera, and I like this also.
  3. Hi Robert !
    See if these images work for you...
    Bent at the leather section.
  4. This view without the bend.
  5. Close up of hardware.
  6. rgh


    Yes, that's the original going around each of the lugs individually. Just make sure the strap is securely on the lug, otherwise the camera is on the floor! Its one reason I like the continuous single leather strap, and without all the plastic that can get in the way.
  7. Good grief. Forget fabricating a replica! I'm really surprised that for that era, the strap is essentially a nylon strap and a complex one at that. Finding one on eBay will probably be rather difficult as well.
    Thank you for the responses, especially Gus for taking time out from your busy schedule to take the pictures. I never would have guessed that was an M5 strap.
  8. I see some pictures on various web sites like Wikipedia showing a continuous loop leather strap on an M5. Is this an earlier version M5 strap, or an owner replacement with something else?
  9. The original leather strap for the 2 lug model was a continuous loop of leather with a buckle and a rubber Leitz slip pad. The leather was of sufficient thickness and stiffness to slide easily through both lugs as you took the camera up to your eye from where it hung on the left shoulder. I used this in the mid 1970s, a camera belonging to my year 8 science teacher. I have an A&A strap like the ones illustrated above. The problem with straps that attach to the lugs, instead of running freely through them, is that you have to take the camera off your left shoulder to get the camera to the eye. I am toying with the idea of getting a saddle maker to make me a strap. The preliminary work would have to include experiments with just the right thickness of leather to not snarl on the lugs from being too thick, and not to catch and coil from being too thin.
  10. Richard,
    Do you have a picture of it?
  11. If, on the site which cannot be named, you look up 'Leica M5 case new old stock' you should find it.
  12. Thank you, Richard. Now, that looks like it would be easy to fabricate.
  13. Robert, I sent you a link by e-mail. There's the strap you want in Leica M Accessories on www.collectiblecameras.com.

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