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    Hi all, I'm brand new to the world of large format, haven't even received my camera yet, but I have a couple of trips lined up where I'm planning to do some shooting. I have my film changing tent and 5 holders, planning to start with 10 sheet boxes for now, but what I'm stumped by is how I can organize my exposed sheets so that I can properly develop them when I get home. I.e. if I know that a given sheet needs to by underdeveloped, how can I store this on removal from the film holder so that when I get home I know it needs to be underdeveloped?

    Would love any suggestions any of you have. Thanks in advance.
  2. Does your holder have a white strip on each side to write pencil notes? If not, bring some white tape with you. Or go to a stationary or art shop and buy some various colored tapes.
  3. Get some extra empty sheet film boxes with the original light-tight envelopes (still in good shape) inside. Save your empty boxes/envelopes, or ask a local commercial lab to save them for you. Mark the empty boxes N, N+1, N+2, N-1, N-2, etc. Place all exposed negatives requiring the same degree of development inside the corresponding box as you unload your film holders inside the changing tent. To avoid confusion while working inside your changing tent, only unload those film holders containing sheets requirimg one particular development time, then move on to the next development time, etc. When you get back to your darkroom, develop all sheets inside each marked box accordingly.
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    Thanks, Sergio! This was what I had been envisioning doing, but I didn't know how I was going to get the extra envelopes/boxes. I hadn't considered asking a local lab. That's a great tip.


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