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  1. Hi,

    some time ago I started again with photography and my first DSLR and joined also a lot of groups and forums about photography and recognized, that people look quite often for good photo locations, so i decided to make a little website (i´m webdesigner) for organizing, sharing and finding photospots for photo shootings. At the moment it is in beta phase, because I´m still working on the mobile version, but the desktop version is full working.

    I would need some help from people who could give me feeback about my project - this would help me a lot to make the website better. You can find it under
    Looking forward to your feedback :)

  2. You may want to take a look at my site: "Wayside Chapels in Poland" –

    It displays images and locations of object on Google Maps. You can upload geotagged photos to create location markers or enter locations manually. Build on WordPress platform, plus a few custom plugins I’ve created. There is no need for a separate mobile version since it works on both desktop and mobile devices. On mobile phone you can navigate to the location where a picture was taken.

    You can contact me if you have questions concerning the design features.
  3. thanks for the info ... i have a question, i had this feature also where you can upload geotagged photos, but the problem is with all these apple stuff ... ipad, iphone - apple ios removes the geotags when they upload pictures to a website, so i decided to change that and just use a map to set the marker
    how does it work on your site with apple´s ios?
  4. I haven’t noticed any issues with getting the metadata from pictures taken with mobile devices. We use these files for GPS data only. Most users don’t have cameras with geotagging option so they take pictures with mobiles to register locations. It’s way quicker to match images than memorizing locations.
  5. it´s not about mobile devices general, it´s "only" about apple phones - try it out, would be interested in if it works or not. on my website i will over both i guess. maybe you missunderstood, i don´t make an extra version for mobile, i just make a responsive website :)
  6. By default on most of the mobile phones the GPS data is not included when you export a picture. There is an extra option that has to be set to have the geotagging info included in the file. That maybe the issue you're having with i devices.
  7. i know, if it is turned on it is no problem - i´m talking only about apple devices - please test your site with an iphone, use the iphone to upload pictures - i´m quite sure it won´t work
  8. I don't allow direct uploads. User has to send a file and I use custom uploader and image management plugin to upload it. WordPress Media Library is not the best option to manage thousands of images.
    I don't own an iphone but have an ipad so I'm going to do some testing based on this article: "How to enable or disable GPS location tagging on your iPhone or iPad.
  9. oh, so you have all the work to upload the files? i use drupal for my website and there it is quite easy to automate this things - keep me informed what happend at your testings.
  10. OK. Finally had the time to test iPad photo with GPS.
    1. Followed the instructions how to enable GPS location tagging on iPad.
    2. Took a picture
    3. Emailed it to myself.
    4. Uploaded the attachment to
    Result: GPS location has been saved with the image and imported into my web applications.
    I can email you the image for testing if you wish.
  11. sounds a little bit complicated and it is quite a long way to get to the result, have you also tried to go to your website on the ipad and upload the image directly from the ipad? ipad is big enough to have a nice view of the website. if this works too i would like to test it too with your picture :)
  12. Do you have in mind uploading single images? I hardly ever have need for a single image upload. Usually users upload batch of 20-50 images. How do you handle batch uploads?
    The step by step description was for testing purpose. It's just a proof that you can get GPS data from pictures taken with apple devices.
  13. i want people to upload single images because they should tag it also, bulk upload is not needed on my website ... just for info - will be on holidays now, back in 2 weeks
  14. back from holidays now - about your question, batch upload is also possible with drupal, there are several ways to do it
  15. I don't own an iphone but have an ipad so I'm going to do some testing . i use drupal for my website and there it is quite easy to automate this things - keep me informed what happend at your testings.

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