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  1. Hi,
    I have a large event coming up soon, its an outdoor sports event with over 200 teams participating over the weekend. I have done many events before but never on this scale. Two photographers will be covering specific pitches related to different age groups, with multiple CF cards.
    Ill be having two assistants, both with laptops connected to a high end dye sub printer. Wanted to know what people thought the best ways to organise/show the photos to people coming up to our tent. Want the process of finding their kids/team photos quickly so can avoid lengthy queues/waiting time.
    Any help appreciated,
  2. Are you doing folders? For example in each folder there will be a team photo on one side of the folder
    plus the individual photo of the kid on the other side. These packages are known as Memory Folders -

    Or are you taking photo's of just one kid and hoping to sell it?

    Most often the photo's have already been taken or will be taken very soon by people that make their
    livings doing this. The photographers don't have time to print on site so the photos are sent out to a lab,
    plus the lab prints them as a unit. The cost could be as low as $1, includes the folder. The photo's are
    done by the lab in a week or so. I'm not going into details because I'm not sure what you will be doing.

    I do know that there is no way a dye sub printer can keep up. Plus the prices will be at least triple the
    cost of what a sports lab will charge. In the past I gave each parent an 8X10 group photo, a 5X7 of the
    kid, put in that baseball folder, plus whatever extras the parents wanted, such as wallets, even mini
    wallets, coffee mugs, key chains, purses, magazine covers, and even poster size photo's - 20X30. Hope
    this helps a little or a lot. The key here are the parents have already pre-paid. You can't be messing
    around with money, kids forgetting to bring the checks, plus you have to have a make up date for those
    that couldn't make it for the picture day. Now you have to start over taking the group shots of the team,
    because the kid wasn't able to show up and he wants to have his picture with his team! It's nuts.

    I've done this. It's not fun, but there is a lot of money that can be made. $5000, $25,000, often more per day or much
    more if there are 500 baseball teams.

    Is this what you will be doing? Well let us know what you will be doing.
  3. You might want a second printer. But more details regarding the printing component of this job would help.
    Consider giving each photographer a white board and marker and make the first photo before each group/person of them
    holding the board with their ID written on itโ€ฆ t

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