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  1. Probably one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. At least PopEye would agree.
  2. oyster mushrooms
  3. Gnawed on fungus
  4. Converted to b&w to discourage viewing the subject(s) simply as food . . .
  5. really dense
  6. Fungi. This is a thin, backlit slice of Fistulina hepatica.
  7. The topic is "organic" which isn't restricted to just food. There's a lot of organic subjects that aren't food. There are things that aren't necessarily organic but have the look and feel according to the intent behind the word like in Laura's image. To provide more options there may or may not be some dirt or grime or lack of neatness to form this look and feel.
    IOW it's a broad subject to allow less restrictions on what to post. But so far there's quite a lot of interesting contributions here and they all look abstract more or less. Good stuff here.
  8. Surely both organic and eatable, somehow.
  9. Low Tide
  10. Tickle my timbers.
  11. Bigger is better.
  12. Nice mushrooms, Gordon!
  13. Old log and barbed wire.

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