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  1. I bought this Optomax 135mm from UK. I believe they have a good reputation there. It came in for a low price. So did one Praktica Nova 1 from another seller in UK. As if I did not have enough Prakticas I bought this; of course it came for a song. But the Royal Mail made me sing more!
    Today being Sunday I went for a few leisurely rounds in the morning. After the first Monsoon rains the weather is pleasant and quiet. I used the usual ORWO UN 54 and my Home Brew. Here are a few random pictures from the walk.
  2. The camera looked rarely used. I did a CLA anyway; works smoothly. It is a basic model, no meter, plainly mechanical. Like the simplicity.
  3. The lens was made in Japan for Optomax. The lens also looked new; you can see even the QC label. This lens is lighter than the Hanimex; some what easier to handle. I used a monopod by way of caution.
  4. I was inside a car on the other side of the road. Without the Tele-lens I would never have been able to take this picture. Big Mom hustling the little girl.
  5. The auto-rickshaw drivers have their chat sessions here on holidays.
  6. This is a new home some millionaire.
  7. Amul is the largest dairy cooperative in the country. They pioneered the milk revolution.
  8. I wonder why I took this picture! Possibly, to check the light and shade effects.
  9. Gave me a chance to check the OOF planes. Not bad, I guess.
  10. The neighborhood is changing as buildings get renewed and the rentals are increasing like crazy.
  11. More Japanese designed scooters are sold now. The Italian designs are very few.
  12. These guys are not the leather jacketed, fierce looking ones. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I like the lens; the camera has always been a favorite, of course. Thanks for viewing and your comments."The scramble for Breakfast" picture was taken at F/2.8 and 1/60sec. So the lesn must be good; i have no idea as to who made it.
  13. Great series, SP. As with all your pictures I feel like I'm there. Thanks for posting.
  14. I always enjoy seeing your photos. It would be nice to see some wide shots to get a better idea of what the area looks like.
  15. As always a revealing glimpse of the place where you live SP. but the Leaves and Interior Light images perhaps show another side? The 135mm focal length is much neglected but as your pictures show, it can get you close to the action without being uncomfortably cumbersome or conspicuous. Thanks for posting.
  16. Very nice! The lens seem to perform well. Your soup does an excellent job in holding the tonality. I too liked the leaves and the table and Fan shot. Interesting studies in light. You always ahve thoughful comments. Like nmow the scooters are japanese and not italian. Interesting observation! Also your exposres seem sopot on so the using a manual camera makes you think about exposure. You seem to have nailed it!
  17. The fan photo is outstanding, but then I live in Florida. Seriously, I really like that one.
  18. Another fine series, SP. I've often seen "Optomax" lens for sale, but having looked at your results I may have to consider them more seriously. I like your more "creative" images, with the leaves and interior still life, and "scramble for breakfast" captures the action very nicely. Thanks for the post.
  19. Never seen this lens, although I know the body well enough.
    It is good to see more of your walking about pictures. I love the mood, light, and character of them very much. Please keep them coming.
  20. Thanks Mike, Jeff, John, Chuck, Steve. Perhaps, I should try some more of what you term as "creative" images, Rick, especially if they are of viewing pleasure. JDM, the Optomax Co., seem to have been making scientific and optical instruments. The lenses must have been a side line. I found that several Japanese lens makers made their brands, including 35, 135 and 200mm lenses; among them were those who made lenses for brands of Tamron, Vivitar, Tokina and Chinon. Even the same 135mm f/2.8 spec was made by two or three manufacturers. They sold only within the UK, apparently. sp.

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