Opinions on Ilford XP2 Super film.

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by za33photo, Oct 22, 2021.

  1. I have never shot XP.
    I have seen a few Negs and a few prints made.
    They looked quite nice, but so does FP4.
    What is the advantage to using XP.?
    Thank You
  2. A big advantage if you don't do your own processing, is the
    availability of C-41 labs. Many labs that will do black and white film
    now charge more than C-41, and you never really know how they do it.
    (Which developer? What timing?)

    Many of the smaller minilabs that used to be around are now closed,
    but there are still enough of them around.

    As noted above, dye clouds sometimes look nice than grain, especially for scanning.

    It has the lower contrast (gamma) usual for C-41 films. That allows for more exposure
    latitude, which can be convenient. It also makes printing harder, as you have to be
    more accurate with exposure on printing. Scanners are designed for this.
  3. I See
    Thank You
  4. I'm intrigued by the reports of great results with XP2 super in HC-110.

    One explanation could be that HC-110 has an ingredient that activates the couplers in XP2 super.

    An easy test of this theory would be to dip the fully-exposed leader of some HC-110 processed XP2 in C-41 bleach-fix, and see if there was a visible image left.

    I could see this happening in a developer using paraphenylenediamine, or one of its derivatives, for example.
  5. Because XP2 looks good with certain subjects in certain light I like it, besides the convenience.
  6. XP2 can also be shot at ISOs from 50-800 on the same roll and produce nice results, no instructions to the lab needed.
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    I love XP2 Super a lot. Flexible and plenty of latitude. Makes great, sharp images for ISO 400. Also scans superbly. Easy to get processed where you get C41 processed at your favorite lab.

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