Opinions on 12" Goerz Dagor

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by john_smith|83, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. I have the opportunity to get a 12" Goerz Dagor with C P Goerz New
    York on the dial.Will be used with B&W on a 5x7 for now ,maybe larger
    later. What do you think of this lens, and is 250.00 with a good
    warranty in the ball park?
  2. Depends on the condition of the glass and the shutter. If the glass is pretty good and the shutter is working properly it is a very good price for a very great lens. If the glass looks like someones taken a brillo pad to it, looks like its suffered impact damage or the shutter is an old Ilex General or looks like it was mounted by a shade tree lens mechanic, I'd suggest passing on it. FWIW I wouldn't let a few cleaning marks or a cla put me off though. My opinion YMMV.
  3. This morning's thought---you said the Dagor has C.P.Goerz New York on the dial, which makes me suspect it is in a dial set compur. IMHO,these a very usable shutters(the Genreal was a crummy look-alike copy of the dialset) if this is the case (and the glass is in decent shape) 250 bucks would make it a steal.
  4. Thanks for the response John. I don't have the lens in hand (when it came to the local shop it didn't have a retaining ring so my dealer is milling one for me)but I beleave it is in a compur shutter and to the unaided eye the glass looked good. I did poke around on the web and found info on 12" Goerz Dagors but they seemed to not quite be what I was looking at.Thanks again.

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