Opinion sought on Keencut mat cutters

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by alpshiker, May 19, 2003.

  1. I am looking into a once for all purchase in a good mat cutter. Since the English brand Keencut seems more available than
    Logan here in Europe, I wonder if someone has had a good experience with the Keencut Ultimat series? Thanks!
  2. I bought a Keencut Ultimat several months back. It is a wonderful and precise piece of equipment. I looked at Fletcher, C&H, Logan. None of them had the features, quality and value of the Keencut. The Keencut is a metal base so it won't warp. All the production stops, V-groove stops, extended squaring arm are included, with most brands every one of those things is an extra cost option. The machine was delivered with everything perfectly aligned, it is very easy to align yourself if you need to. Setting the border widths is very easy and intuitive. Cuts are very precise. There is no flex in the cutter bar since you don't apply pressure to the handle while cutting. On many others you need to apply pressure to keep the mat from moving which can cause the cutter to flex. Not the case with the Keencut. I would never go back to a Logan. I live in the USA and the 42 inch Keencut was priced about twice the Logan 655 and maybe 25-30% less than the Fletcher if similarly equipped.
  3. Thanks Dave. Very convincing feedback! I have obtained some prices and the line is not cheap. Does someone know of an European online retailer who has possibly good prices?
  4. Paul, My experience was that Keencut was not as widely or aggressively distributed here in the US as the Fletcher and Loagan brands. The local distributor where I am is a framing supply wholesaler. They have a very knowledgeable staff, aligned the unit for me and offered to deliver it to my studio and show me how to use it for no additional cost. The one on-line retailer I found offered the same price and no support. I didn't need any training and I picked the unit up at their shops, but it is good to know I have someone who is willing to help, get parts if needed, that sort of thing.
  5. Paul - go to your local Google (www.google.de, www.google.fr, www.google.co.uk etc) and do a search on Keencut. If there are local distributors, they will pop up.


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