only 4 critique requests allowed per 28 days - is this right??

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by livvie, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. have just posted an image and went to ask for critique -was met with
    message ...

    "Posting another image will exceed your quota of 4 per 28 days. For
    more information, please consult the forum policy"

    checked the link but didnt see a limit on critique requests.

    maybe i missed something ...pls clarify

  2. Yes, there is a limit of 4 critique requests per month. I'm not sure where else it is mentioned.
  3. thanks for response brian

    maybe being dense here but how do i encourage evaluations without a critique request? do i need to rely on inviting (or expecting) others to visit my page when i critique their work?

    i have seen it done but am a little uncomfortable with this type of self promotion when commenting on others.
  4. I think that if you start commenting and rating other peoples work they will start to come and see your work. If they like it they may well visit your folders regulary.
  5. I agree that including a request for a comment in your own comments on another person's photos is out of place. If you keep in mind that your comments are directed at a wide audience, and aren't a private communication to the photographer, you will be on the right track. There is nothing wrong with sending the photographer an email, though.
  6. Liv,
    Just wanted to reiterate that I am very thankful for keeping the option of requesting a photographer's email address has been kept alive. Earlier this year (March), Brian floated the idea of disabling this feature (I guess, some have had bad experiences with private flame wars...).
    Anyway, to add my voice on your question. The very best way to spend your time at PN, is to write thoughtful critiques on other photographer's images. There really is no need for RFCs at all (posted exactly 1 in the last year). Just spread yourself around in the most random way possible and you'll get plenty of feedback on your own portfolio. Leaving comments really works! Ratings...? Hhhmm, well sort of... Just as long as you don't throw too many 7s around the place. Above all, make sure to have fun spending your time here - I'm hooked!
  7. thank you all for your responses - ratings are not something im really after - i find the critiques and just viewing others images much more educational

    i have been "spreading myself around" quite a bit as peter suggested - its really not too difficult to to do as there are so many good photographers here with their own unique styles of work to comment on.

    look forward to continuing to post
    great site guys
  8. Just another thought, Liv. <br>I should reconsider my (sweeping)statement that RFCs are not really necessary. Unlike myself, there are probably many PN members who haven't got much time to spare for critiquing/rating. So, there is of course a useful place for RFCs in those sorts of situations... Just get the feeling that it remains a "lucky draw". Many RFCs go unnoticed.
  9. strange ... i posted today, tried the critique request (tsh tsh) ... and got in!

    have now had way more than my fair share it seems ... must try to abstain ;)

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