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  1. For many years I have had various online galleries to display a collection of my work. I would organize the gallery by topics such as People, abstract, nature, etc. On one occasion I created a PDF of a series of images around a single place and told a story. I am thinking more long term about how I display my images and looking for a way to build on a library rather than changing galleries every few years.

    IF you were to come across a website with images grouped in PDFs vs a thumbnail gallery - How likely would you be to download/open the PDF?
    Or are you more likely to scroll through a sliding panel ?

    Would the story added to the PDF add any weight to your decision.

    A good example of the PDF format would be Brooks Jensen's KoKoro where he explores a theme and related narrative.
  2. I did do a Spark presentation but found it more limiting than creating a PDF. What I am trying to ascertain is the viewers likelihood of opening a presentation vs clicking on thumbnails. I like presentations but find a lot of folks may not have bandwidth or maybe don' t like the presentation formats.
  3. I create slide shows inserting stills into a video program (Adobe Premiere Elements). That way I can add music, title, credits, narrative, or whatever and then show it on my HDTV. I also can download and post the show on YouTube. If you have your own web site, you could post it there as well.

    Here's a couple I've done


    Here's the site address where they are located on YouTube.
    Alan Klein

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