One of those dumb vs questions (profoto & elinchrom)

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by max_shore, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. I kinda hate these questions but i've been looking to buy my first lighting
    kit.Flash duration & also location use are important. I've generally felt its
    worth getting profesional kit as i see it as a long term investment plus its tax
    deductible.I was thinking of getting a elinchron ranger with a couple of heads.
    However I've been offered a second hand profoto b pack with 2 head for the same
    price. I had ruled profoto out on price grounds but this would be affordable.
    I'm slightly worried about the price of future accessories if i go with profoto,
    but wonder if as i develop this will seem marginal. Your thoughts? (Esp from
    those with experience of both systems)
  2. Profoto has a wider support and rental network. But Both are fine units.

    However: I think that, unless the bulk of the work you know you'll do is in locations where there is no ready access to AC power mains, getting a high power battery based flash system doesn't make a lot of sense. Since you are thinking long term, you've got to think about what makes more practical sense as opposed to what seems sexy.
  3. and..

    Not a dumb question at all.
  4. Thank you Ellis. Sorry, do you mean both units fall into the "high power battery based flash system" or just the profoto? I lot of what i want to do is shoot portraiture on location so the flexibility of a battery powered flash is something i'd like. There's a degree of interchangability with accessories with profoto right? & i can use the pack inside anyway?
  5. Check out the Hensel Porty. Very popular, but I have no 1st hand info to give you. You have to think about cost of growth-- more heads, more power-- not just accessories.
  6. hensel porty- wasn't aware of this product- interesting, thanks Nathan. I think as Elis said hire is imporatant & i know at least in London Enlichrom is not available in a lot of the big hire places
  7. FYI. I have the porty. It's a good pack but the recycle time is REALLY slow when it's at 1/2
    to full power.
  8. "It's a good pack but the recycle time is REALLY slow when it's at 1/2 to full power."

    One of the main reasons I recommended NOT to go wit ha battery based system.
  9. I'm currently using the Hensel Porty for location work. The older units were slower, but the
    current Porty Plus max. power recycle time is about the same as the Profoto 7b and
    Elinchrom Rangers. The fastest one of the three brand names is the Profoto 7b-2 @ 1.8
    sec. @ Max. power.(very expensive!)

    Both the Hensel and Profoto portable generators offer optional A/C solutions to use the
    gear in studio ... but the Hensel is a true A/C adapter where the Profoto is a continuous
    charger solution.

    While my studio strobe system is all Profoto, I chose Hensel Porty kit for location work
    because I liked their radio solution which allows asymmetrical control of the two heads
    from the camera, their carbon fiber ring-light with built-in handle is the best and easiest
    to use I've experienced, and the kit came in a very sturdy rolling bag.

    Another slight draw back of battery units in addition to the slower recycle time mentioned,
    is that these packs are limited to 1200 W/S or less, and only take two heads thus limiting
    them for studio work and must be supplemented with additional packs/heads or
    monolights ... which is no really big deal for studio portrait work as a 500 W/S monolight
    from any of the 3 is reasonably priced and can be found used.

    If you like to shoot a lot of environmental portraits where you don't want to limit your
    location selection to the availability of A/C power, then the battery units are the way to go.
    That's exactly the way I use mine.

    Accessories: Profoto and Elinchrom are comparably priced. BTW, Profoto makes an
    adapter to use Elinchrom light modifiers ... I use a Elinchrom Octabox on a Profoto head.
    Hensel makes a wide range of light modifiers.

    Considerations: if you select the Profoto7b set, and wish to expand later, be aware that the
    7 system elements do not mix and match with the more reasonably priced Acute system.
    To expand into a Profoto 7 sysem later will cost a lot of money.

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