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Discussion in 'Pentax' started by cameragary, Aug 1, 2021.

  1. After going to an awful lot of yard sales ,flea markets ,antique stores and thrift stores i have finally found a true pentax camera.
    An ME SUPER that was 20.00 dollars.spur of the moment thrift store find,after looking it over and seeing it was in decent shape i did not even haggle.i wish i ahd batteries with me but like i said it was spur of the moment drive in.after getting it home i found out the battery cover was cross threaded and could not be removed.after messing up the slot where a coin would go , down to the basement ,got out my small dremel tool and cut a new ot came ,battery compartment was spotless ,so i put in some batteries and all checked out.i run a roll thru it to see how it shoots , but everything seems good.i'll keep you posted,and i just need to start developing as i have quite a back log of film. IMG_2586.JPG
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  2. Great!
    I got the early AF variant (ME-F), though without the "drill".;)

    One of these days, if I survive, I'll do a report on it.
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