one landing page and two sites, smart for SEO?

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  1. Hi There!
    my current website is a bit of a mishmosh of my wedding work and my events/documentary/non-profit work. I've finally come to the decision to create two separate websites. One specifically for 'weddings' and the other for everything else which I'll call 'studio'. So... I'm creating a landing page ( where the visiter can select to go to my blog (, weddings, or studio. The thing is.. since the two sites will have different content in each page (layout and design will be very similar so it goes with my branding) they cannot belong to the same domain. They will have to be and
    My question is this: Is this a smart or dumb move SEO wise? Currently I am listed in google places, yelp, wedding advertising sites, etc as which I would like to keep.. but will it hurt me in the long run because no one will be on that landing page for that long? Do I want to create google places accounts for each separately with different keywords?? or link in certain places directly to each site? I'm utterly confused as what is the smart route.
    All suggestions are welcome!!
    thank you!
  2. Why can't they belong to the same domain?
    Its pretty easy to set up sub domains that use a dot to separate the sub domain from the main. In your case and or you can put separate index.html pages in two sub directories, such as and and
    Don't make it any harder on the customers than absolutely necessary. Your domain name is already difficult to type correctly (not your fault), adding a hyphen won't help.
    It will also save you money because you won't have to pay registration for the additional domain names.
  3. Thank you for your response!!
    my problem is that my website is created on a template (the landing page will be custom but the two separate sites are templates) and the current company I use doesn't have the capability or option to host sub domains... I can't seem to find a company that does and I'd love to keep using a template so it's easy for me to consistently update. I don't know coding and don't have the budget to have someone on hand to make changes for me every time I want to update...
  4. Maya, did you check Subdomain hosting is rather common BTW.
  5. no I am going to check it out now. thank you so much!!! so glad i posted!
  6. It's easy to separate them into distinct Websites, as noted, with subdomains ( and studio., folders ( or or file names ( or These allow you to make the front pages simple with navigation to the rest of the Website and pay for only one domain name. I use a combination of the 2nd and 3rd.
  7. thank you Scott. Do you use templates for your subdomains? Would you mind sending me a link to your website(s) so I can see an example?
  8. Maya, I use folders and filenames to keep things sorted. Subdomains requires your Website host to create the upper folders (directories) and are little more work than just folders. I use separate folders for the css files, images, documents, maps, etc., which is easier to manage, and filename prefixes to keep files sorted, such as "mt" for all things Mt. Rainier NP, gallery for photos, "my'type'" for other projects, etc. My Website is linked to with my profile in PN.
  9. Agreed with Scott. Keep you domain and use subdomains like so:
    Structure the URL so the directory names go before the domain to save characters and keep it clean.
    On your index/landing page ( link to other subdomains and use a sitemap to let search engine crawlers know where to find your other pages and subdomains.
  10. Thank you both Scott and Cristian..!!!
    my question remains though, since my website is a template and the current company I use doesn't support subdomains, do you know of a photography website template company that does? I don't know coding and it has been successful and simple for me to use a template company the past five years.... just now that I've decided to split into two sites, this is the part I'm trying to figure out.
    have any suggestions?
    thank you again!!
  11. I haven't heard of any template sites that do this, since you need root server access and support to configure subdomains. What company do you use?

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