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  1. I love good 55 lenses

    What should I choose - K-1 + 55/1.4 * SDM (SLR, heavy, robust)
    or Sony A7 II + Zeiss 55/1.8 (small, mirrorless, more modern lenses in the perspective)
  2. (Next) camera wise I am currently leaning towards the K1. - If you aren't into video you should get A7R II stills out of it at A7 II price. - Sorry, I am absolutely not familiar with the 55/1.4*. I think I read it only kind of works on K1? - I'd get the body to shoot old lenses I have and might add a 24-70.
  3. A stunning modern glass. I have seen a lot of samples and reviews of it
  4. Beware the SDM motor and its staggering failure rate on the DA 16-50mm and the DA 50-135mm lenses.
  5. Thank you.
    Yesterday I did a search how many lenses Sony and Ricoh (Pentax) offer for full frame bodies. Pentax offers only 12 lenses and many of them were designed for film. 55/1.4 SDM and 40 mm limited may be used on FF cameras with reservation. Whereas Sony offers 24 lenses (Batises are not shown on the official site): more zooms, more primes and they are designed for digital, they are modern.
    If Pentax doesn't improve their range... I don't know...
    They should make 85/1.4 35/1.4, modern 35/2.8, modern 50/1.4 and 135 mm f2 and make new updated versions with new HD coatings of FA limiteds.
  6. Nikon D750 with the 58mm f/1.4G ? - yes, 3mm more, but in my view a gorgeous lens (if you look at results, rather than labtests). I know, not exactly what you asked, but maybe worth considering.
    I'm not a Pentax shooter, but don't old(er) Pentax lenses work just fine on the current DSLRs? There are plenty gems, thoug the different way many older lenses render indeed might not be what you're after.
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  7. I tried to catch up on 55mm reviews. Are you confident about being able to live with the AF hit rate? - Sounds a little scary, to me at least. The other open question: Can you live with the bulk of the Pentax? It is not the kind of camera I'd want to carry all week long hoping to maybe run into a subject.
    Pentax implemented a few obstacles less than Nikon; each of their bodies meters at least, they all have a screwdriver AF motor too. OTOH I don't know if they offer a 1980s style replacement focusing screen, so the misery in the VFs should be comparable.
    Old gems: Let's be somewhat realistic. Pentax have been making tempting cameras and not many lenses for them for at least 10 years. So where should interesting old stock suddenly surface? The comparably bad thing: While the big two don't make that many stunning lenses themselves either, they have at least capable 3rd parties jumping in. Zeiss dropped the k-mount, Sigma are reluctant to cater it with the Art series but yes, they offer a 35mm f1.4. Tamron build for Ricoh under Pentax badge.
    So fast 35 & 55mm are kind of there. IDK if there is a big need for 85mm f1.4. Isn't nailing headshots in broad daylight with wide open 77mm f1.8 or 100mm f2.8 already challenging enough? Or did Ricoh cease production of those too? I'd be happy if there was a supply of modernized sharp and light 135mms.
  8. I love my old Spotmatics...but if I could only have one body and lens it would be a Nikon D850 with 35mm f1.8 G ED.
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  9. The 55 1.4 seems to be a pretty amazing lens. There are two types of commenters on this lens, those who don't own it and see lot's of problems, those who own it and love it. Beware of taking advice from those who don't own the lens.

    Hard to believe that people are still talking about SDM failure. That is so 6 years ago. That would be like me saying "don't buy a Nikon, look at the sensor stand problem." Pentax's SDM problems are older than the Nikon stain problem, but in the minds of some Nikon users, the stain problem that got Nikon banned in both Russia and China should be forgotten. Pentax's gaffes should be remembered forever. All Pentax pro motors are called SDM . There is no relationship between the original SDM and the motors now called SDM.

    As for lens availability, many of us have FA lenses, there are millions of them, and they work just fine. Too funny saying there are only 12 lenses available for it. I myself own more than 20.

    As for lens quality, if that's an issue I'd currently go with the Sony, however Pentax is within months of releasing a new 50 1.4 which will be as modern as anything out there. It will be expensive but so is the Sony. I bought my K-1 a year ago, and it's an incredible camera. For still life using Pixel Shift it produces superior images to a D850, especially at high ISO, but slightly lower IQ in normal mode. The big issue for me is the price of Sony systems. I simply don't have that kind of money. With a K-1 and a few ancient lens I can compete with the best and often do. I'd get a K-1 and go for the new FDA 50 1.4. Copies of the lens are in the hands for the lens testers and sample images are being posted. It's less than 2 months away from production. An older FA 50 1.4 might keep you happy until then if you don't want the expense of the 55 1.4.

    So in the end, my advice, if you want it today, go for the Sony, if you can wait 4 months, consider the new Pentax 50 1.4 to be released this spring and K-1. The hit rate is fine, I regularly shoot beside Canon, Nikon and Sony shooters. if there is a hit rate difference it's minor. As one comparative review comparing the Pentax, Nikon, Sony and Pentax, the Pentax is s little slower, you are talking hundredths of a second slower. Unless you are shooting high speed sports or birds in flight Pentax can keep up with anyone. One BiF shooter told me his keeper rate went up to 75% from about 40% switching to Nikon, but I often shoot 500 frames to get 5 or 6, so 200 images to choose from instead of 350, I can live with that. I get what I need, and avoid the extra expense.

    And if you really want 55mm, give the {metas 55 1.4 is great lens. It might work for you.
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