One afternoon in Phoenix

Discussion in 'Travel' started by rich815, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. Only got a few hours free. I shoot b&w with my Rolleiflex. Suggestions?
  2. Rich,
    What’re you looking to photograph?
    If nature, your best bet would probably be South Mountain Park. It’s close enough to downtown and the airport that you wont’t waste much time in transit. It’s also the largest urban wilderness in the country and is full of Saguaro, Palo Verde, Cholla, and the rest of the iconic desert flora.
    Be sure to carry plenty of drinking water.
  3. << Only got a few hours free. >>
    The Desert Botanical Garden would probably work well for some nice quick and dirty photography:
    Have fun!
  4. Thanks. I like shooting landscapes, urban scapes (though not thinking I'll do that in Phoenix).
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  5. Looks like I'll be up in the area near where 17 and 101 intersect, the north. Is Cave Buttes and that area worth checking out?
  6. Going to be there this afternoon, any last minute ideas for the north Phoenix area?

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