On the road to Stephenson

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  1. In celebration of Independence day I am posting this.

    On the road to Stephenson I saw this small country church off in the distance. The first thing that came to my mind was that this will be a black and white shot. It was ageless and I need to capture it. I had my wife pull off onto the side road and immediately
    I notice that the side road vantage point obscured the view of the steeple so we drove up to the church to turn around. I just wonder if fate had us do that as approaching the church I notice a boulder with hand painted letters dedicating a small park to a fallen solder of the World War II. In a congregation of few one young man lost his life to war that would end all wars.
    We returned to main road where I took this shot. and my inspiration below.

    after all these years
    and so many tears
    young men still march off
    without any fears
    some return with badges of honor
    some in boxes with a flag as their armor
    how many more follow this path
    how more more lives will be dashed
    how many dawns bring another day
    and yet the young men march on
    the same old way
    war is not the answer
    nor is it fate
    pray for peace
    it's never too late


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