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Discussion in 'No Words' started by klix, Nov 8, 2004.

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    Martin Luther with The Roots, Copyright 2004 Jeff Spirer
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    SorrowTown Choir, Copyright 2004 Jeff Spirer
  4. what group is that Klaus?
  5. Berry Oakely ,bass player for the Allman Brothers
  6. Martin Barre,,Jethro Tull guitarist
  7. Nice shots of Berry and Barre, Ronny! I'd love to see your Tull pics! Was that circa '73-'74?
  8. The Tull shots was late 1972...Aqualung tour.
  9. The Tull shots was late 1972...Aqualung tour.
  10. The Tull shots was late 1972...Aqualung tour.
  11. Firefox triple posted,,sorry
  12. Ian Anderson..Jethro Tull...a bit blurry,, but he never is still, he is a all over the place,,plus back then I had a real big BuZZZZZZZZZ,lucky I could see thru the viewfinder.
  13. garage band from Virginia Beach at DC Glassworks party
  14. A.Mandarini - Black Out Night "Miles and Miles Away", Torino

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