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  1. In a recent posting I asked for help on repairing an 8x10 view camera. My friend would like to sell me the camera for a fair price? So just what would a fair price be? The camera is a "Criterion" 8x10 made by Grundlatch-Manhattan Optical Co. Rochester Ny
    The lens is a Wollensak Sorry I didn't get the size.It has five wood holders and it is in excellent shape. It needs the bellows repaired and a new ground glass. Any ideas on a fair ballpark price?
  2. The rip can be fixed, as Dan stated. As to the ground glass, I would guess $100 and up. I priced a good glass for this same camera to replace the dark, wavy one that is in it and it was $180 installed. I only gave $250 for the camera, lens board and 165 Angulon in Compur dial shutter. I had to do the same thing to the bellows, fix some holes with friction tape. It has limited bellows draw, and the back tilt is also limited, two things I need more of. I hope this is of some help.
  3. I got a ground glass for my 8x10 Deardorff for $8 at a local glass supplier. Its thicker than the glass that came with the camera, but so what?
    I suggest black silicone bathtub caulk for repairing bellows.

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