On holiday’ memory card is full. Where download it’s content?

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  1. The large array of possibilities is constantly changing, just to keep it all more interesting. A few years back I acquired a module from Kingston (the memory card folks) that is about the size of a deck of playing cards. It has a built-in rechargeable battery (it can also be used to recharge a cell phone) and a built-in WiFi hotspot. Using an app on my iPad (or iPhone) I can do transfers, either direction, between an SD card and a USB drive plugged into the module. That means (best I can tell) the memory in the phone or tablet doesn't have to be huge.

    On a river cruise last year, each evening I would make two copies of the day's files to some 128G USB drives I brought along. Years back I used to do a new CF or SD card each day as suggested above, but with the ability to have three copies of each day's work, I just used a given SD card until it was full or nearly full.

    My primary digi-thing was a Canon EOS M5 which using 24 Mpix raw files delivers a lot of data. It easily took an hour or more to save the files each day. If I tried to upload it somewhere with the WiFi hookup on the boat, I'd probably still be waiting for backup to complete. For really paranoiac situations in faraway places, I'm not sure how one might deal. Being meek and mild, I try to avoid being there! (Do satellite phones do data? -- of course, that's another attention getting hunk of expensive technology to be carting around. It would also need a $$$ service plan of some sort.)
  2. I travel a lot. I have 7 primary storage cards for Mon to Sun. I change cards every day. At night I back them up to my Android tablet with a 256GB mSD card. I use an OTG USB adapter & small USB card reader. It's hard to do this with an Apple tablet. No internet needed. Easy.
  3. No internet needed

    Interesting. What happens when if you lose the tablet?
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  4. If I loose the tablet I still have the files on the storage cards. But so far the tablet has not disappeared :) .
  5. Take more memory cards with you!
    You can squeeze about a dozen memory cards into the same space as a cassette of 35mm film.

    Any alternative, such as a laptop or card-reader enabled HDD, is going to take up more space and weight, as well as needing regular recharging.
  6. If you can port the pics to your iPad, are you at a place where you can upload them to a cloud account for back-up? That in conjunction with extra cards should provide some security for you photographs. Then you can dump them off the iPad to make space for the next batch. You will have a copy on the cards and a copy on the cloud.
  7. I didn't notice the OP date of this thread previously, but it looks as if Jean-Claude hasn't checked back here since last August.
    Another zombie thread!

    Still I hope Mr Watry is safe and well in whatever part of the world. And I wonder what use technologies such as ipads and cloud storage are in the remoter parts of '3rd world' countries? Since an ADSL connection takes at least 2 hours to upload just one gigabyte of data.

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