On holiday’ memory card is full. Where download it’s content?

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  1. Travelling a lot I wonder on how to proceed to download a full memeory card because there is no possibility to buy another one hile being in a remote place and the end of the world?

    Is it possible to buy a connecting cable between my DSLR camera and my IPad and then download part of a 32Go card on my IPad ? How would you do that?
    What ever the method you suggest’ please indicate on how to recover my pictures on my computer once home ( I have no laptop ) !

    Thank you so much.
  2. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Rule one - always carry spare memory cards / batteries / lint-free cloths !

    Without knowing your DSLR make, it is difficult to respond to your query. BTW, if you can buy a cable, why can't you buy a memory card ?
  3. Yeah, most places that would have cables should have memory cards.

    If only a cable is available, you should be able to hook up to the iPad and drag the files over, or use the photo app., or ....

    Of course much depends on the specifics of your camera and the model of the iPad, etc.
  4. Thank you but you do not answer the question.
    You buy the cable while you are at home before leaving. Obvious , no?

    Moreover, did you never loose or forget anything?
  5. the camera is a Nikon D610, the IPad is an IPad Air 2.
  6. I want to be able to save my photos while being abroad, so should I ever loose my memory card or be it taken by the police (it happened!), I always have a back up that I could save every night for exemple. Once back home, recover the pictures saved while I was abroad.

    Thank you.
  7. The only way I can think of to transfer to an iPad would be to use an SD card reader, but if you can't buy a spare memory card you probably can't buy one of those either.

    Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader — Apple

    That's the official Apple one, but you might find a 3rd party one cheaper. From there, you can upload to iCloud, Dropbox, or wherever you prefer so that you have a copy in the cloud.

    You have one additional option in the form of a Nikon WU-1b, which will enable WiFi on your D610 and interface with the SnapBridge app on your phone or iPad. I've not played with SnapBridge much, but it will allow you to(slowly, and with a lot of battery power) transfer images to your mobile device. IIRC, they're fairly low resolution(maybe 2MP?). I can't say first hand as I've only used it for geotagging on my D500 and never to transfer photos.
  8. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    I answered to the best of my ability, working on the limited information you supplied. If it is 'obvious' to buy the cable prior to your departure, surely it is more obvious to purchase extra mamory cards, thus obviating the necessity of purchasing the cable, and providing the ability to instantly replace a media card should it fail or be purloined whilst travelling.

    In answer to your further enquiry, yes I have forgotten and lost things in the past - most frequently lost my temper with people who have not the manners to respond politely to my attempths to help, and forgotten my manners when replying to them.
  9. William Michael

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    Your OP lacks clarity and probably that's the main reason why it is reaping many questions and some imprecise answers - so please answer these:

    1. Are you travelling at this moment in remote areas which do not have access to purchase IT equipment?
    2. or - Are you in a location at this moment where you can buy IT equipment for suitable storage of images when you next travel to remote areas?

  10. No, I am not but I had a bad experience lately and I do not want to repeat it.
    Thank you.
  11. If this is for future planning, the best thing you can do is buy as many cards as you reasonably can and take them with you.

    Get big, tough card wallets that are easy to find in your bag. Brightly colored is good too so that they don't disappear(I have a nice zippered Lowe Pro mostly meant for CF, but I keep SDs and XQDs in it also, and spent some time frantically looking for it when it was hiding in a bag pocket I normally would not have used).

    You are at an advantage in the D610 in that you have two card slots. When I had my D600, I had it set up like all my dual slot cameras-RAW on one and JPEG on the other. You have options for how to use both slots-you can write the same files to both for extra security, or set one as an overflow card when you fill the other. There are only VERY specific use cases where I don't take advantage of both slots when I have a two slot camera(notably the D500, where even a good SD card can bottleneck vs. the XQD, so the SD comes out when I am doing a lot of bursts).

    I'd fee a bit handicapped traveling with just an iPad, although I know many do. I'd want at least an small form factor notebook(MacBook Air for the Mac people) although the Pros now are small and light enough that I prefer to carry the more fully featured computers. Still, though, that gives you a LOT of flexibility. The pre-touchbar MBPs had SD slots built in. Even with a current one, you can run a card reader via one of the USB-C ports.
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  12. Thank you Ben.
    The problem is not carrying many memory cards because what can you do if the last day of a 1 month trip, your suitcase disappears of your photo gear in its bag is stolen?
    What if a policeman in Africa stops you in your nice car accusing you of spying because of your ice camera and lenses and takes your memory cards?

    How can I make a back up on a daily basis of my shots having no computer and recover all once back home? That’s my question?

    The Apple system you mention does not allow many Raw shots (my Airpad has only 16Go all in all which means maybe 10 left open.)

    Thank you.
  13. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Why not get several smaller cards (8 or 16), then post them back to yourself at your base address when they are complete ? That way, you can only lose one card.
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  15. An alternative would be to use the apple SD card reader plus a flash drive with a lightning connector.

    Copy files from camera to ipad and then backup iPad to flash drive. Finally delete files from iPad

    Flash drives are pretty small and could be easily concealed upon your person (think back passage)if you thought you might be mistaken for a spy.
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  16. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Nightmare scenario - I always travel with several cameras, batteries and SDHC as well. If I were in a high risk situation I would use a new card every day and store the used cards in a good case hidden using any of the many concealment options available. Money belt, ankle wallet, etc. A very long time ago, when abroad, I would post film mailers, not because of risk, but so most of my photos would be waiting for me at home. I have loaded photos into a Kindle Fire, to view more than to protect.
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  17. If you can get nice car in place where you going, cops there will be nice too, don't think you going to Somalia or Southern Sudan.
    Don't be paranoid.
    Portable hard drive can only viable solution for if you have no computer.
  18. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    Considering that you're concerned of the loss of all your possessions packed in your luggage, moreover addressing your concern of the threat of Police accusing you of spying, then concern of a full cavity search should not be ruled out, in reality it should be ruled in.

    In which case carrying any data retention device on your person or in your luggage would not be the best practice solution, rather using a regular back up to off-site would be the most applicable solution.

    First thought that comes to mind is using a dropbox or cloud, as was mentioned and the procedure detailed in Post #7.

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  19. Very good idea and cheap! Thank you.
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  20. Thank you Ludmilla, I learned something from you. I now will have a closer look on both solutions you mention.

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