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  1. Hi Everyone,
    Greetings! I shoot mostly East Indian weddings which in most cases take place in grand reception halls. By nature these weddings are not as organized as Western weddings and attended by hundreds of enthusiasts crowds. To overcome the low light scenario it's extremely difficult to mount lights/umbrellas as its often tipped by photo enthusiast crowds or kids regardless sand bags presence. My last event was one of those days where ceiling was about 20 feet high, candle light ambiance and I was struggling with my light stands. I ended up using sb700 manually with high power/iso combo and spent lots of time for post productions.

    Therefore I was just wondering, could on camera Softbox or Rogue flashbender be any good (for family pictures to be more specific)?? Anyone have any experience or any advise for me? I'd really appreciate if you share, Thanks. RaihanM.
  2. I use a shoe flash on a flash bracket, which hold the flash about a foot above the lens. The bracket allows the camera to be rotated and keeps the flash above the lens.
    A mini-softbox will only steal power, and unless you are very close, I do not think it will do much for you. But you can try one, to see if it will help. But do this at home, not on a paid shoot.
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    Ask Bridal Party about photo mad family teens not directly involved in the ceremony. Enlist, give a bit of training, compensate (tip) modestly and allow to take a photo or two. Thereby gaining a useful grip / gaffer or two helping with / guarding equipment & light stands. +1 for Gary's suggestion - flash bracket over on camera mount nearly every time ex. ring light.
  4. MagSphere is generally good addition and easy to use, remove and store. I use it often on my shoots

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