On a daily or weekly/monthly basis how is your photog?

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  1. How has yours been?
    I had a think of my hobby in general and thru the diff years. With less equipment I did more stuff and more interested some years ago than now. Travel was more exciting also. Now it seems that I go out just to get that shot in mind or that I go out just to shoot so my b/w film chemistry doesn't expire and has to be tipped out. With my travel, some of them are repeat visits so are less exciting, less the intrepid nature or lost in translation. Head out do things and back to my room kinda thing.
    Cheers ...
  2. Any creative activity requires effort and imagination. Once you have done a number of things that now seem just repetition, perhaps you need to regenerate your own sense of curiosity. We all get in a rut at times and that is when effort, imagination and a desire to explore is key to change. Expose yourself (no pun intended) to new venues and experiences, such as courses, museum visits, theatre, new sports or hobbies, discovery channel programs, new friends, and the list goes on of stimuli that can help regenerating curiosity and passion. I'm not trying to be pedantic here but simply provide what I sometimes need to do myself.
    Personally, I needed to expand my photography and other interests last year and so blended it with my interest in the sense of place that was part of my other interests in local history, collective memory and heritage architecture. The result was some writing and several days (over months) of photography related to my chosen theme. Some 50 photographs in different themes and their texts formed an exhibition that ran 2 and one half months this year and allowed some good interaction with others who live in this place and bring their own sense ir spirit of it, plus a handful or two of sales of framed images. The excitement continues and even though the photography is limited to a fairly small region (no need for expensive travelling or search for possibly more exotic subjects), I look forward to improving the work next year.
  3. So far, it's good, and I look forward to taking it up a notch next year.
    What matters to me most is that I continue to love it. After that, although not quite as critical, is getting just the right amount of work. Don't get me wrong, more income is always better, but I do like my free time and I put value on it.
    There are some place I want to go (mainly America), but that can wait. I also want to shoot more film, but I won't do that until I find a good, cost-effective infrastructure beyond the mere cameras and film.
  4. My goal now is to pare my equipment down to just one camera and one FFL lens. Once a week or so I go out with just a Fuji XE1 and a 27mm (40mm equiv.) lens. That lens is as uninteresting a focal as there is and at first left me wanting something longer or something wider. The secret: lowered expectations! If you come home with one or two keepers, thats a good day.
  5. SCL


    I used to force myself to go out every day, and when I would get bored, I would establish a regimen for shooting which varied each day (something like: monday I will shoot only rocks, tuesday I will shoot tree bark patterns, wednesday I will shoot bridges, thursday I will shoot vehicles, and so on and so on). It proved quite productive. However in the last 6 months, for health reasons I've been unable to get out and shoot, so I've tried to keep up the practice by observing and shooting from my windows or deck...lots of shots of dog walkers, frisbee players, construction equipment....pretty boring for me.
  6. Stephen - have you tried macro? Maybe night photography?
  7. General classifications of photography type like sports or PJ or architecture or night photography or animals may be useful directions if I were to need some stimulus, but very much better I think are specific subjects or themes in feeding my interest and arousing my curiosity. These are not equipment or technique related but mainly specific subject or theme related. One does not need to look far as there are thousands of such subjects and themes in our lives and our surroundings that can arouse our interest and subordinate practice to passion.
  8. I'm in my science writing time of the year just now, so I 'm not taking too many photos. Out of office hours it's dark or dull.
    I'll take my camera into London to see the lights, but may just be carrying some dead weight.
  9. I've had a digital camera for many years and only ever used one setting. I'm now reading all the books and mags and experimenting with different things and enjoying it much more.
  10. Also, black & white seems to be taking over.
  11. 'Also, black & white seems to be taking over "Arthur.
    Arty for the more serious photographers...perhaps.
    Making time for photography is my challenge.
  12. Arty for the more serious photographers...perhaps.​
    Not really, simply greater possibilities for the craft, and its expression.

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